Christian chaplaincy

The Christian chaplaincy is available, in person, online, via web chat, phone and video calls.


About the Christian chaplaincy

The Christian chaplaincy offers pastoral care and support, hospitality and community, and a space for questions, uncertainties and dilemmas. Come and explore how faith, love and justice relate to the world of study and work.

Fortnightly on Wednesdays during semester time, there is a free-church and Anglican communion at 1.10pm at the BNBR Life Centre in the Octagon Centre. Everyone is welcome for this 20-30 minute service, and for refreshments afterwards.

***Following a break due to staff absence, we are pleased to be resuming communion services on May 15. This will be followed by another communion service on June 5.***

An inclusive community

We offer a warm welcome to all staff and students regardless of gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, ethnicity, ability or faith identity.

Christian chaplains and advisers

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Revd Dr Jeremy Clines

Co-ordinating Chaplain

Revd Sabine Tenge-Heslop

Anglican Chaplain
Shelley Johnston Anglican Ley Minister

Deacon Jackie Wright

Associate Chaplain (Methodist)

Fr Lee Marshall

Associate Chaplain (Roman Catholic)

Revd Joel Bindanda

Associate Chaplain (Pentecostal)

Professor Tamara Hervey

Anglican/Catholic Adviser

Awaiting Appointment

URC (United Reformed Church) Adviser

Professor Raymond Heng

Chinese Christian Adviser

Revd Andi Phillips

Unitarian Adviser

Rob Barnett

BNBR Life Centre Support Worker

Find a church

If you wish to explore further what these churches have to offer, feel free to contact one of the chaplains for a conversation.

Please note that these listings provide information only. The inclusion of any group or association within these listings does not represent an endorsement of its views or practices by the University of Sheffield.

Why not also check out the church search? Explore churches and find someone to take you to the church of your choice.

Trinitarian churches

Non-Trinitarian churches

Christian student societies

There are a number of Christian societies affiliated to the Students' Union.

Some are denominational, some relate to specific areas of study or extra-curricular activities, while others represent particular theological positions or areas of Christian life.

Christian Medical Fellowship

We aim to unite Christian Medical students in the University, and support one another in our faith.

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Christian Orthodox Society

In our weekly meetings we discuss relevant and current topics from the point of view of our faith. We also dedicate periods in the year to studying certain books of the bible. We pride ourselves in offering an in-depth education of both old and new testament and in understanding who God is and what His intention for our lives.

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Christian Union

An evangelical Christian group affiliated to UCCF with regular large meetings and smaller bible study groups looking at how we can be discipled and how we can reach out to our university.

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Christians in Sport

A Christian group meeting for prayer and fellowship. For details about its activities, please contact:

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Just Love

A community of Christian students at the University of Sheffield committed to pursuing God’s heart for social justice in our city, our nation and our world.

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Catholic Society

The Catholic Society is a student society that seeks to provide a ‘home from home’ whilst at university. We run lots of social events and weekly community evening that we'd love to welcome you to.  Sunday Mass is 5pm.  For more info. Please check out our website.


Student Christian Movement (SCM)

SCM is a Christian group offering a vision of Christianity where it's okay to ask questions, a place to share insights, debate issues, work for positive change and make friends.

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Cutting Edge Magazine

Read our latest edition of Cutting Edge, the annual newsletter of the Anglican Chaplaincy and friends at The University of Sheffield.

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