Quaker / Society of Friends Meeting House

Having no creed, liturgy or clergy. Members of the 'Religious Society of Friends' (Quakers) meet largely in silence seeking an awareness of an inner light or spirit that is within us all; and which is more than just an absence of words.


It has been said that 'Quakerism is more a way of life than a set of beliefs'.

Most Friends see themselves as being engaged on a journey in a search for spiritual truth, which means that Quakers are unlikely to express this with doctrinal certainty. While some would be happy with traditional religious language, others would prefer to put this in more humanist terms.

What Meetings for Worship have in common is a shared search for simplicity, truth, equality and peace. This has been part of Quakerism since its beginnings at a time of dissent and controversy in the Christian Church in the mid 17th century when George Fox urged that we should 'let our lives speak' and 'answer that of God in everyone.'

As a present day Quaker has put it: 'My concern is with the inward being from which the outward actions grow'.

Central Meeting

Silent worship, all welcome.

Address: 10 St James Street, S1 2EW
Telephone: +44 114 275 7390
Contact: office@sheffieldquakers.org.uk
Website: www.sheffieldquakers.org.uk

Nether Edge Meeting

Address: Shirley House, Psalter Lane, S11 8YL
Telephone: +44 114 275 7390
Contact: office@sheffieldquakers.org.uk

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