Eastern Orthodox Churches

Eastern Orthodox Churches are self-governing bodies of Christians adhering to a pure and unbroken line from the first days of the Apostles and the disciples of Jesus. Originally in communion with the Church of Rome, the churches of East and West were divided by the Great Schism of 1054.


Orthodox Christians place great emphasis on worship, particularly the Divine Liturgy. By maintaining a traditional form of worship passed on from the very beginnings of the Christian faith, the Orthodox believe that they confess the true doctrine of God in the right (orthodox) way.

In England, there are a number of overlapping jurisdictions.

Orthodox Parish of St Cuthbert

Divine Liturgy mainly in English. Refreshments served

Address: Sheffield Cathedral, The Holy Spirit Chapel. (CofE) / The Eyre Chapel, Newbold, Chesterfield
Telephone: +44 1246 275141
Website: www.orthodoxsheffield.com
Contact: Fr. Edwin Hunt


Second Saturday of each month the Divine Liturgy at 10.00 am in St Mary's on Bramall Lane.
Other weeks: Sunday 10.00am, The Eyre Chapel.

Eastern Orthodox Associate Chaplain:

Fr Edwin Hunt

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