Buddhist Chaplaincy

Buddhism is the world's 4th biggest religion, with 360 million followers.

We have two Buddhist Advisers, from two different Buddhist traditions, who offer chanting or meditation, or can help you to find the Buddhist community that suits you.

The Chaplaincy's Buddhist Advisers

Our Buddhist Advisers, Catherine from the Soto Zen tradition and Sue from SGI-UK, are here to help and support you.

Sue & Catherine, Buddhist Advisers>

University of Sheffield Buddhist Society

A place for meditation, contemplation, and finding out who you are, and why. A positive space to be with like-minded people.

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Buddhist Communities in Sheffield

There are a number of communities in Sheffield, representing a range of Buddhist traditions. Find one to suit you here.

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Cityscape of Sheffield, with trees in the foreground
View of the front and side of Firth Court

Buddhist meetings in the University

Whether it's chanting, in the tradition of Soka Gakkai International - UK, or meditation in the Soto Zen tradition, find it here.

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