Speech and Hearing

The Speech and Hearing Research Group is concerned with computational modelling of auditory and speech perception in humans and machines; robustness in speech recognition and large vocabulary speech recognition systems and their applications.

An image of a sound wave.

The Speech and Hearing Research Group (SpandH) was established in 1986. Since then, it has gained an international reputation for research in the fields of computational hearing, speech perception, speech technology and its applications.

Research areas

  • Computational modelling of auditory and speech perception in humans and machines
  • Robustness in speech recognition
  • Large vocabulary speech recognition systems and their applications
  • Healthcare applications of speech technology


Dr Heidi Christensen sitting at a computer demonstrating the digital doctor

Researchers in the Speech and Hearing group are investigating ways of using audio and speech technology to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of people. Discover the impact they are having.


Core members

Academic staff

  • Dr Stefan Goetze (research group head)
  • Prof. Jon Barker
  • Prof. Guy Brown
  • Prof. Heidi Christensen
  • Prof. Phil Green (Emeritus Professor)
  • Dr Yoshi Gotoh
  • Prof. Thomas Hain
  • Prof. Roger K. Moore
  • Dr Ning Ma
  • Dr Anton Ragni

Research associates

  • Dr Rehan Ahmed
  • Dr Madina Hasan
  • Dr Qiang Huang
  • Dr Alfredo Esquivel Jaramillo
  • Dr Bahman Mirheidari
  • Dr Madhurananda Pahar
  • Dr Shreyas Ramoji
  • Dr Hardik Sailor
  • Dr Fuxiang Tao

KTP associates

  • Mr Hector Romero (Machine Learning and Sensor Integration Engineer)
  • Protima Nomo Sudro (Speech and Deep Learning Researcher)
Research students

Supervisor Thomas Hain

  • Mingjie Chen 
  • Anna Ollerenshaw 
  • Jose A Lopez Saenz 
  • Yanpei Shi
  • Chenhao Wu 
  • Elaf Islam 
  • William Ravenscroft

Supervisor Jon Barker

  • Jack Deadman 
  • Gerado Roa Dabike 
  • Jisi Zhang

Supervisor Guy Brown

  • Thomas White 
  • Hector Romero Ramirez
  • Dimitrios Pappas (at CITY College in Greece)

Supervisor Heidi Christensen

  • Lubna Alhinti 
  • Zhengjun Yue (second supervisor Jon Barker)
  • Fatimah Alzahrani (second supervisor Steve Maddock)
  • Dalia Attas
  • Megan Thomas

Supervisor Yoshi Gotoh

  • Atiqah Izzati Masrani 
  • Rabab Algadhy (Second supervisor Steve Maddock)
  • Abdulaziz Alrashidi 

Supervisor Roger Moore

  • Manal Linjawi 
  • Hussain Yusufali
  • Henry Jackson
  • Benjamin Hawker
  • Luc Caspar 
  • Bader Matar F Alotaibi
  • Dina Al-Hammadi
  • Lucy Skidmore
  • Edon Mustafa (SEERC)
Previous members
  • Dr Salil Deena (AI Lab Mauritius)
  • Dr Rasa Lileikyte
  • Dr Erfan  Loweimi (University of Edinburgh)
  • Dr Raymond Ng (Signalmedia)
  • Dr Inigo Casanueava (PolyAI, Cambridge)
  • Dr JJ Atria
  • Dr Jose Gonzalez (University of Granada)
  • Dr Sarah Creer (SCHARR, University of Sheffield)
  • Dr Robin Hofe (Luxembourg)

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