Discovery Night returned to the University of Sheffield on Friday 10th March 2017 and a team from the School of Clinical Dentistry explained their research and encouraged visitors to think about what is in their mouths. The event was aimed at primary school aged children (4-11 years) and was a huge success with over 175 visitors to our stand.

team photo

We showcased a range of our research:

Girl with teethZoe and Areeg made oral health fortune tellers for children to decorate and take home. Becky and Helen invited the children to write a postcard to a ‘dentist’ asking them any questions they might have to letting the dentist know about things they like or dislike’. To see the postcards from the children and the replies from our friendly dentist then check out our webpage ( Kathryn and Magdalena helped the children to make their own set of teeth - learning about the shape of their teeth and how the roots and gum are important.

Bug demoLynne and Joey invited the children to find out what was in their spit! The spit was spun down and then placed on a slide to view under a microscope. The children could see food, bacteria and dead cells from their mouths, pretty gross but they loved it! They also had a microscope set up to look at living and fixed cells and explain the wide variety of ‘things’ which are in your mouth. Craig, Hannah and Zaki with help from some cuddly bugs explained about the different bacteria that can be found in your body. Children visiting the stand were asked to design their own bugs, the resulting designs were weird and wonderful.

A good night was had by all and we can’t wait for Discovery Night 2018!