Dr Ílida Ortega Asencio


School of Clinical Dentistry

Lecturer in Dental Materials and Manufacturing Science

+44 114 215 9382

Full contact details

Dr Ílida Ortega Asencio
School of Clinical Dentistry
19 Claremont Crescent
S10 2TA

My research experience is based on the manufacturing, characterisation and in vitro testing of biomaterial devices for tissue engineering applications. I have a bachelor's degree in Chemistry from The University of Alicante, a Master´s degree in Biomaterials from The University Autónoma of Madrid and I did my PhD in The Institute of Bioengineering at the University of Elche (Spain). Following my PhD I moved to England and I worked for one year as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Sheffield in a Wellcome Trust funded project. I then secured a competitive EPSRC E-TERM Landscape Fellowship (£200k) and from the 1st of January 2014 I have been working as a Lecturer in Dental Materials and Manufacturing Science at The School of Clinical Dentistry (University of Sheffield).

Research interests

My current research is focused on three main areas: (a) manufacturing of biomaterial devices for hard and soft tissue engineering (e.g. bone and cornea); (b) design and fabrication of 3D synthetic microenvironments (“niches”) in which to study aspects of stem cell behaviour; (c) fabrication of smart electrospun materials for drug delivery applications.

Diagrams of manufacturing and smart medical devices

Journal articles


  • Yousaf S, Keshel SH, Farzi GA, Momeni-Moghadam M, Ahmadi ED, Asencio IO, Mozafari M & Sefat F (2019) Scaffolds for corneal tissue engineering, Handbook of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds: Volume Two (pp. 649-672). Elsevier RIS download Bibtex download
Teaching activities

I currently lead the development, re-organisation, teaching and assessment of the Dental Materials Sub-theme within the Bachelor of Dental Surgery undergraduate curriculum and teach within the following themes: DEN203 - Growth, Development, Ageing & Nutrition and DEN204 Basic Oral and Dental Care.

In terms of postgraduate teaching I am Module Lead for DEN604 (Dental Materials) and DEN607 (Introduction to Digital Dentistry and Dental Manufacturing). I am responsible for the organisation, development and assessment of the modules.

I also teach in DEN616 (Tissue Engineering) and collaborate in the assessment of DEN605 (Selecting Dental Materials for Clinical Applications).

Professional activities

University and School Administrative Roles

  • Teaching Lead (Undergraduate) for Dental Materials
  • Academic lead for Materials Core Facilities
  • BHT PGR-PDRA Coordinator
  • Module Lead for DEN604 (Dental Materials)
  • Module Lead for DEN607 (Introduction to Dental Technology and Manufacturing)

External Activities and recognition

  • ECR Sheffield representative for MeDe Innovation
  • Member of the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Medical Devices (MeDe Innovation)
  • Member of the Advanced Additive Manufacturing Institute (AdAM)
  • Associated Member of the Biomedical Research Networking Centre CIBER-BBN
  • Member of the EPSRC_Landscape-Fellowship Cohort
  • Member of Parents@TUOS Steering Group
  • Reviewer for: Acta Biomaterialia and Journal of Biomaterials Applications
Outreach activities

Musculoskeletal, skin and eye-related injuries affect millions of people worldwide, e.g. the elderly are likely to suffer bone injuries, and fire and chemical accidents can cause important skin and corneal problems. New approaches to overcoming such health-related issues are of great interest for the public and I have a special personal interest in developing activities to raise awareness of progress in this field. In the past few years I have participated in different public engagement activities such as “The Sheffield Children´s Festival 2012” and “The Festival of the Mind 2012 & 2014”. In 2013, I was awarded The Kroto Family Science Education Prize (awarded by Nobel Laureate Prof. Harry Kroto) in recognition of my science communication and outreach activities (images below).

Various photos of outreach work and public engagement activities