Dr Laura Timms

School of Clinical Dentistry

Academic Clinical Fellow in Paediatric Dentistry

Dr Laura Timms - Dentistry Staff

Full contact details

Dr Laura Timms
School of Clinical Dentistry
19 Claremont Crescent
S10 2TA

Dr Timms graduated from the University of Manchester in 2015. Following this, she completed dental foundation training in South Manchester, before undertaking dental core training in paediatric dentistry and oral and maxillo-facial surgery in the North West and South Yorkshire. During this time she achieved Membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgery and a post graduate certificate in Dental Public Health from the University of Manchester. 

She moved to Sheffield to undertaken joint clinical-academic training in paediatric dentistry in order to pursue her passion for clinical research. Laura is currently focussing on research involving children to reduce the need for invasive dental care due to dental caries.

Research interests

Dr Timms has a research interest in the prevention and minimally invasive management of dental caries in children. She is currently focussing on the early use of Silver Diamine Fluoride for the management of caries in the primary dentition, undertaking research with children, parents and dental professionals. She received a grant from the Research Design Service (Yorkshire) to involve children and their families in the research. She also received a pump-priming grant jointly funded by the Royal College of Surgeons of England and the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry in order to co-design with children an engagement video about SDF, and to assess acceptance of SDF treatment in the UK. 

The video can be found here.

Teaching interests

Dr Timms is currently completing a postgraduate certificate in Medical Education with the University of Sheffield, funded by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Faculty of Dental Trainers. She engages in teaching of dental students in paediatric dentistry through lectures, seminars and clinical supervision. She also provides teaching to multi-discipline professionals related to paediatric dentistry

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