Cheryl Miller

Dr Cheryl Miller

BEng(hons), PGCertHE, PhD, FHEA

Reader in Dental Implantology and Biomaterials (non-clinical)

Programme Director for MSc Dental Materials Science

Departmental Early Career Group (ECG) Champion

Research Lead for Bioengineering and Health Technologies Group (BHT)

Contact Details:

School of Clinical Dentistry
Claremont Crescent
S10 2TA

Telephone: +44 (0) 114 215 9394



I am a Reader in Dental Implantology and Biomaterials who joined the School in 2006. I lead the Bioengineering and Health Technologies Research Group, I am the Early Career Group Champion for the School of Clinical Dentistry and the Director for the in MSc Dental Materials Science programme. I have successful collaborations within the University and externally with industry, clinicians and other academic institutions.
Previously I work at The University of Nottingham as a Senior Research Fellow in the Advanced Materials Research Group. I attained my PhD (2002) in glass-ceramics for bone tissue repair and augmentation (sponsored by the Institute of Materials - IOM3) and BEng 1st Class Honours in Materials Science and Engineering, both from the University of Sheffield.


I lead research into new materials and technologies, in particular the development of novel materials with enhanced properties for dental and medical applications to improve both health and quality of life.


My research interests are varied, interdisciplinary and broadly lie within materials for medical devices and health technologies.

  • Design, fabrication and characterisation of novel glasses, ceramics and composites for medical devices (in collaboration with Hatton, Crawford, Hearnden, Moebus, McKechnie, Moorehead, Gentile and Reaney)
  • Advanced manufacture of prostheses for oral & maxillofacial applications (in collaboration with Moorehead, Rainforth, Smith, Yates, Majewski, Colley and Reilly)
  • Antimicrobial and enhanced clinical performance approaches for bone grafting materials (in collaboration with Hatton and Stafford)
  • Dentine remineralisation strategies (in collaboration with Martin and Deery)

research diagram miller
Research Team

Research Assistants

2017 – present (PDRA) Dr Joss Atkinson* (PDRA), “Peptide enhanced calcium phosphates”
2016 – present (PDRA) Dr Caroline Wilcock* (PDRA), “Nano-hydroxyapatite pastes with enhanced osteogenic and antibacterial properties”


2017 – 20 Rayan Binduhayyim (PhD student), “Antibacterial Glasses” (Saudi Government)
2016 – 19 Alex Bolger* (PhD student), “3D printing solutions to soft tissue cleft palate defects”
2016 – 19 Maha Ohman* (PhD student), “Maxilliofacial repair using 3D printed hydroxyapatite composites”
2015 – 18 Carlos Amnael Orozco Diaz* (PhD student), “3D printing of custom prostheses for cleft palate reconstruction” (CONICYT - Mexican Government)
2015 – 18 Rayan AA Hawsawi (PhD student), “Investigating the Validity of the ISO 6872:2008 ‘Dental Ceramics’ for Chemical Solubility” (Saudi Government)
2015 – 18 George Bullock (PhD student), “Tissue engineering for the treatment of medicines related osteonecrosis of the jaw (MRONJ)” (Material Science and Engineering DTA)

Research Group Alumni

2015 Dr Leili Shikhan (PDRA) SLS of Hydroxyapatite composites
2014 Dr Carolina Herranz Diez (PDRA) IMCOSS
2013 – 14 Dr Yulia Rybenkova (PDRA) IMCOSS
2013 – 14 Dr Abigail Pinnock (PDRA) IMCOSS2016 – 17: Dr Iain Varley (Academic Clinical Fellow), “Refinement and biomechanical analysis of a PEEK miniplate for mandibular fracture fixation” (AOUK)
2012 – 17: Dr Altair Contreras* (PhD student), “Bioactive cements and pre-set porous scaffolds to promote bone tissue regeneration” (Regener8: EPSRC/n8)
2013 – 17: Dr Patrick Rider* (PhD student), “3D printing of Novel Membranes for Dental Implantology” (Nobel Biocare)
2013 – 17: Dr Joss Atkinson* (PhD student), “Biologically Active Modifications to Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Regeneration” (DTC/case award JRI and Ceramisys)
2011 – 16: Dr Eleanor Ashworth (PhD student), “Remineralisation of Erosion and Caries Affected Dentine by Infiltration with Colloidal Nanoparticles” (BBSRC/GSK case award)
2011 – 15: Dr Harriet Drouin “Membranes for Bone Tissue Repair and Regeneration” (Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine DTC)
2011 – 15: Dr Caroline Wilcock (PhD student) “The Development of Nanostructured Calcium Phosphate Biomaterials for Bone Tissue Regeneration” (EPSRC/Ceramisys case award)
2009 – 14: Dr Martin Romero* (PhD student) “Electrospun Polymer-Glass/Ceramic Composites for Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine” (EPSRC DTG funded studentship)
2008 – 12: Dr Hawa Fathi (PhD student) “Development of Apatite-Mullite Glass-Ceramics for use as Dental Restorations” (Libyan Government)
2007 – 11: Dr Neda Al-Kaisy (PhD student) “Creation and validation of an in vitro model to evaluate and characterise denture retentive forces” (Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education)
2006 – 11: Dr Shashwat Bhakta (PhD student) “Characterisation and Evaluation of Novel Fluorrichterite Compositions for Implantology and Maxillofacial Surgery” (NHS candidate/fee waiver)


I am Director for the in MSc Dental Materials Science programme and was previously responsible for the development, teaching and assessment of dental materials within the Bachelor of Dental Surgery undergraduate curriculum and teach within the following themes: DEN104 - The Oral Cavity in Health & Disease; DEN203 - Growth, Development, Ageing & Nutrition and DEN204 Basic Oral and Dental Care.

I am also involved in post-graduate teaching (DEN604 and DEN605) and dissertation supervision on the MSc in Dental Material Science.

Professional Activities

External Activities and recognition:

  • External examiner for Ulster University's BSc Hons Engineering Science (2015 - )
  • Elected Council Member for the UK Society for Biomaterials (UKSB) (2014 - )
  • Membership Secretary for UKSB
  • Member of the UK EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing of Medical Devices (MeDe Innovation)
  • External Grant Reviewer for the Medical Research Council and Orthopaedic Research UK (formerly known as Furlong Research Charitable Foundation)
  • Editorial Board of Current Research in Dentistry
  • Reviewer for: Acta Biomaterialia; International Journal of Biomaterials; Journal of Material Science: Materials in Medicine; Journal of Biomedical Materials Part A; Recent Patents on Material Science; Journal of Dentistry; Journal of the Royal Society Interface; Glass Technology: European Journal of Glass Science and Technology Part A.
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

University and School Administrative Roles

  • Programme Director for MSc Dental Materials Science
  • Head of Bioengineering and Health Technologies Research Group (2016 - )
  • Early Career Researcher Champion for The School of Clinical Dentistry (2015- )
  • Member of the Insigneo Institute of in silico medicine (2012- )
  • Member of The Mellanby Centre for Bone Research (2009 - )
  • Teaching Lead (Undergraduate) for Dental Materials (2014 - 17)
  • Member of The University Senate (2011 - 15)
  • Academic lead for Materials Core Facilities (2009 - 17)
  • Programme Director for MMedSci in Dental Implantology (2006-2012) Module lead for OMS609: Biology and Biomaterials for Oral Surgery (2011 - 16); OMS6121: Dental Implantology Research Project (2006-2014); OMS6116: Biomaterials in Implantology (2006-2011)