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The research facility provided here is excellent. I have been here for two years now and Sheffield feels like my other home.”

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News and Events:

PhD Successes

The School is pleased to announce that the following students have been awarded their PhDs in 2017:

  • Kathryn Naylor, Identification of novel bacterial genes involved in human cell interactions (Supervisors: Graham Stafford, Ian Douglas)
  • Eleanor Ashworth, Colloidal nanoparticles for remineralisation of dentine (Supervisors: Nicolas Martin Cheryl Miller)
  • Charlotte Green, Synthetic biology produced collagen: engineering a bacterial biomaterials manufacturing platform (Supervisors: Graham Stafford, Philip Wright)
  • Andrew Frey, Investigation of the use of the sialidase inhibitors to reduce biofilm formation and cell invasion by periodental and other pathogens (Supervisors: Graham Stafford Craig Murdoch)
  • Atra Malayeri (Supervisors: Paul Hatton Fred Claeyssens)
  • Hanan Niaz, Investigating the mechanisms of neutrophil recruitment to head and neck cancers in vitro and in vivo (Supervisors: Craig Murdoch Keith Hunter)
  • Rachel Thompson, (Supervisors: Paul Hatton Aileen Crawford)
  • Joss Atkinson, Peptide-Enhanced Calcium Phosphate Surfaces for Bone Tissue Regeneration (Supervisors: Cheryl Miller Paul Hatton)
  • Lucie Hadley, Development of a Tissue-Engineered Oral Mucosa Model to Investigate the Role of Tumour-Associated Macrophages in Oral Cancer Progression (Supervisors: Craig Murdoch, Helen Colley)
  • Omar Alsadon, Strain Analysis of CAD/CAM Restorations for Dental Application (Supervisors: Sarah Pollington, David Patrick)
  • Sadhvi Nithiananthan, The influence of low levels of fluid flow on fibroblast behaviour. (Supervisors: Simon Whawell Aileen Crawford Dan Lambert)
  • Firas Al-Taweel, The interaction of Porphyromonas gingivalis with host epithelial cells and its relevance to periodontal disease (Supervisors: Simon Whawell Ian Douglas)
  • Saima Ahmed, Characterisation of the cartilage injury response mechanisms in the joint Full Time (Supervisors: Aileen Crawford, David Buttle)
  • Sarah Lindsay, Evaluation of novel modified fibrinogen gels for cell encapsulation and delivery (Supervisors: Aileen Crawford Paul Hatton)
  • Patrick Rider, Reactive Inkjet Printing of Novel Silk Dental Barrier Membranes (Supervisors: Cheryl Miller Patrick Smith)
  • Karthik Periyakaruppiah, Effects of dental treatment on oral health related quality of life (Supervisors: Sarah Baker)
  • Altair Contreras, Aluminium free glass ionomer cements (Supervisors: Cheryl Miller Paul Hatton)
  • Siti Abidin, The role of microRNA in determining cancer associated fibroblast phenotype (Supervisors: Dan Lambert Stuart Hunt)
  • Nibras Hamdan Baidhani, The Role of Class B Scavenger Receptors in Oral Keratinocyte Biology – Implications for Oral Cancer Metastasis (Supervisors: Craig Murdoch, Helen Colley)

Student Prizes and Awards

  • December 2017: Yorkshire Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering Group (BiTEG) meeting in Leeds: Amy Harding voted the best presentation by the delegates, and Jonathan Field awarded 1st prize for an oral presentation by the judges.
  • September 2017: British Society for Oral and Dental Research (BSODR) meeting in Plymouth, Heather Wallis was awarded the Junior Colgate Prize and Amy Harding was awarded the Oral Medicine and Pathology Prize