Blog: A Day in the Life of a Bio-dental Science and Technology Student

Bio-dental student, Mehak
Mehak Sakhuja
Undergraduate student
BSc Bio-dental Science and Technology
Our 2nd year Bio-dental Science and Technology student, Mehak, outlines a typical day on the course, from waking up and having breakfast, to attending lectures and laboratory sessions, to studying with friends and, finally, relaxing while FaceTiming family.
Bio-dental student, Mehak
Bio-dental Science and Technology student, Mehak


Wake up! I like to wake up quite early so that it gives me enough time to shower and eat some breakfast without rushing. For lectures there is no specific attire, as such, but I would always make sure I am dressed presentably; a top with trousers or smart jumper is something I would usually go for! 


I like to make my own lunch to take into university with me because otherwise I buy lunch from a café or shop and the money keeps adding up! This way I save money and it helps with my budgeting. I usually make myself a sandwich and will take a yoghurt, some fruit and a packet of crisps with me, as well as a bottle of water. 


Leave my house. The dental school is about a 20 minute walk for me and I like to make sure I reach my lecture a few minutes before it starts so I can settle in and get ready. 


Lecture starts. Today’s lecture is on Dentine sensitivity, which is about pain producing stimuli in humans in relation to the dentine, describing the innervation of the dentine and pulp, causes of dentine hypersensitivity and types of pulpal damage. I like to have the lecture slides open on my laptop in front of me and add in additional notes that the lecturer gives. I found the sections on injury to the pulp quite fascinating!


Quick break! We have about 10 minutes until our next lectures so this little break gives us a chance to have a walk around/stretch our legs, go to the toilet or get a drink before the next lecture.


Next lecture starts. This lecture is on Future prospects for cell and molecular therapy which is about whether there is a need for future therapies, the background, dental application and problems of stem cells, gene therapy, gene editing, screening and nanotechnology. The section on gene editing was really interesting because I had no idea it was possible to modify DNA within a cell and that this editing can change the characteristics of a cell/organism!


Quick break! Another 10 minutes break before the last lecture of the day. I decided to have some of the fruit I had packed, as I’m getting a bit hungry! 


Last lecture starts. This lecture is on Cancer and how it’s treated. I found this lecture interesting, as we got to learn about how the cancer spreads, how each stage of cancer looks and what the cancer actually looks like inside the body.


Lectures done for the day! I have some time until my laboratory session this afternoon, so I’ve decided to go to the library with some of my course mates. We’ve found a big table where we can all sit together and we decided to go through this morning’s lectures together. We’ve made flash cards and are quizzing each other. I find that studying with friends, making flash cards and having someone quiz you is a great way of learning, as it really helps to retain the knowledge. 


Laboratory session. We are currently working towards a poster presentation and my topic is on 3D printing. I have to print some samples in the lab today and test how far they can stretch until they snap. The aim of my project is to find a 3D printed material that replicates the masseter muscle and then add it to the skull I 3D printed:

A skull on a table

Description automatically generated with medium confidence


Finished for the day! After a busy day I’m ready to go home. Today was very productive, as I was able to get some work done between my lectures and lab session and my testing in the lab gave me some good results for my project. 


Relax for a bit. During this time I’m going to FaceTime my family, as I like to catch up with them every day and then make my dinner. I’m quite tired - today was so busy so I've decided to have some pasta, which was quite quick to make, and watch some television with my housemates whilst I had dinner. I always enjoy eating with my housemates, as it gives me a chance to detach myself from work and unwind to destress. I often forget that I’m not the only student who finds themselves feeling stressed and overwhelmed at times so speaking to others in the same position does reassure you and make you feel better!


I have a tutorial tomorrow so I’m going to go through that and make any notes or answer any questions that I need to, so that I am prepared before I go in. I’m also going to update my poster with the results of my testing today and add in the description for it. I have some pre-recorded lectures that were released today to go through as well on the Histology of periapical disease, Ceramics systems for indirect restorations and Trends in oral health


I am done for the day! Time to chill. I pack up my laptop and notes in my bag ready for tomorrow. I switch on some Netflix to watch an episode of Friends and then I’ll brush my teeth and get ready for bed! 

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