Professor Chee Hing Tan

PhD, BEng

Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Head of Department

Professor of Opto-Electronic Sensors

Semiconductor Materials and Devices Research Group

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Professor Chee Hing Tan
Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

I started as an undergraduate at the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering (EEE) at The University of Sheffield in September 1996.

I was awarded a 1st class BEng in Electronic Engineering - Communications, and was fortunate to be given a full scholarship to pursue a PhD degree at EEE.

The PhD in Electronic Engineering significantly broadened my knowledge in Engineering and stimulated my desire to learn and research. In particular, I gained deep understanding of how optical and electronic device properties can be modified by carefully optimised semiconductor crystals.

The ability to select different atoms to be combined in new semiconductor materials has led to many breakthroughs in transistors, lasers, solar cell and detectors.

EEE has provided a wonderful environment for me to explore fundamental engineering questions, advance research to generate lasting impacts and to share my experience with students and researchers.

I have always felt at home because of the strong support from academics, when I was a student, and from colleagues across the department since I became an academic in 2003.

My career has progressed with great support from many great colleagues and students, whom I considered my “extended family”. The welcoming environment and strong research and teaching culture in EEE have helped to enrich my experience in work and in life.

In February 2019 I was appointed Head of Department for EEE, a position of responsibility which I am very proud to take up.

  • PhD (Electronic Engineering), University of Sheffield 2002
  • BEng (Electronic Engineering - Communications), University of Sheffield 1998
Research interests
  • Avalanche photodiodes with electron-only ionisation for “noiseless” avalanche process (F<2) and extremely high gain-bandwidth product (>500 GHz).
  • Design, modelling and characterisation of single photon avalanche diode (Si, GaAs, InAlAs, AlGaAsSb)
  • High speed avalanche photodiodes for optical fiber communication, utilizing very thin avalanche region for improved excess noise and bandwidth (InP, InAlAs, AlGaAsSb lattice matched to InP)
  • Novel multi-colour detectors for radiation thermometry
  • High sensitivity detectors for infrared wavelengths bands NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR and VLWIR
  • Improving energy resolution of soft X-ray detection using avalanche photodiodes

Journal articles

Conference proceedings papers


  • Tan CH () High Gain-Bandwidth Product Avalanche Photodiode. (UK). Appl. 01 Jan 1970. RIS download Bibtex download
  • Tan CH () Ultra Low Noise InAs Avalanche Photodiodes. GB0723858.7 (UK). Appl. 01 Jan 1970. RIS download Bibtex download

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Teaching activities
  • Teaching: EEE337, EEE348 and EEE6216
  • Undergraduate tutoring and project supervision
Professional activities and memberships
  • Head of Department
  • Member of Departmental Athena SWAN SAT
  • Chair in Photon Detectors, Leads the Advanced Detector Centre
Research students
Student Degree Status Primary/Secondary
Das S D PhD Graduated Primary
Gomes R B PhD Graduated Primary
Hobbs M J  PhD Graduated Primary
Idris A S PhD Graduated Primary
Liew Tat Mun S PhD Graduated Primary
Marshall A R J PhD Graduated Primary
Moreno Guerrero M A MPhil Graduated Primary
Rowe M  MPhil Graduated Primary
White B S PhD Graduated Primary
Xie J  PhD Graduated Primary
Xie S PhD Graduated Primary
Zhou X PhD Graduated  Primary
GoH Y L  PhD Graduated  Secondary
Goldberg G R  PhD Graduated Secondary
Ker P PhD Graduated Secondary
Meng X  PhD Graduated Secondary
Tan S PhD Graduated Secondary