Norton Sports Centre 2018

Norton 2 SmallProject overview

We are developing our facilities at Norton Sports Park. At the heart of the plans are two new artificial pitches – one for hockey and one for rugby/football. Both high quality pitches will be complemented by spectator seating and new changing facilities.

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Project details

Project Manager: David Holland, Department of Estates and Facilities Management

Contact: [email] [tel] 0114 222 9030

Client: Sport Sheffield

Location: Norton Playing Fields, off Warminster Road (Sheffield S8)

Timescale: Open to students, staff and public in summer 2018

New planning submission (June 2020) - information and FAQs

We were planning to create a permanent entrance and parking at the rear of this facility, off Lees Hall Road. Unfortunately, while we are still pursuing this option, it’s looking increasingly unlikely that it will be possible.

Therefore we have submitted an application to make our current access/egress points off Warminster Road permanent, creating a one-way loop for vehicles using the site. We also propose to retain our existing grasscrete car parking area and build an additional grasscrete car parking area, south of the new pitches. If approved, we also hope to widen the road between these two parking areas and add a pavement.

Please be assured that we are still pursuing arrangements for the original plans. However, the sports park is only viable for us if it has a permanent entrance and on-site parking, thereby ensuring surrounding streets are not used for parking and the site can be accessed safely with minimum disruption to local residents.

Residents are welcome to join a live online Q&A with the project team at 6pm on 23 June 2020 - click here to join.


Why couldn’t the plans on the previous planning submission be carried out?

The previous planning submission involved purchasing a piece of land at the rear of the site off Lees Hall Road. While we’re still pursuing this deal, the number of stakeholders make it very complex. We have spent a great deal of time trying to come to a resolution, but it’s looking increasingly unlikely that this will be possible.

To make the sports park viable, we need to create a permanent entrance, parking, and exit. Therefore we now have to pursue an alternative arrangement.

What work do you hope to do?

We recommend looking at our full submission on the planning portal and maps of the site below. The development we’re proposing consists of an additional grasscrete car park, and roads. Summarised as follows:

  • The main entrance will be the existing service road off Warminster Road; the main exit will be via the pavilion car park. This will create a loop for vehicles using the site.
  • Our existing grasscrete car parking area will be retained, east of the cricket pitch and pavilion area.
  • An additional grasscrete car parking area will be built, south of the new hockey and 3G rugby pitches, where there is currently a temporary parking bay.
  • We will widen the road between these two grasscrete parking areas to allow for two-way traffic, and add a pavement.
Why do you want to do this work?

Cars bought by users of the sports park previously parked on Warminster Road, causing difficulties on the highway and problems for local residents. This work is intended to make improvements to existing parking provision.

How long will this work take?

We estimate it will take 8-12 weeks. There is potential for a delay due to Covid-19 social distancing restrictions adhered to by contractors. If approved, we hope to start works around autumn 2020.

What’s the proposed parking arrangement?

We have proposed to retain the parking spaces which were installed to the east of the pavilion, off the road down to the new pitches. We would also like to add spaces, also grasscrete, south of the new hockey and rugby pitches.

This new proposal offers over 20 more parking spaces than the previous submission.

Guidance for parking on the site will be sent with all confirmed bookings via email - recipients will be encouraged to share it with all visitors to the site.

How will traffic be managed?

Our proposed ‘loop’ system guiding cars in and out of the site via separate routes will be enforced using signage. Low level lighting in the grasscrete car parks will guide cars so they’re able to navigate safely at night.

The speed limit will be 5mph and there will be traffic calming measures on the road.

We propose that the entrance gate will be locked after the final booking has arrived - around 9:15pm.

Will there be more lighting on the site?

We propose to extend low-level bollard lighting on the road from the top to the bottom of the site, as well as on the road looping around the pavilion. This is for the safety of pedestrians and to help vehicles navigate the site.

The existing grasscrete car park, to the east of the pavilion, will have low-level guidelights added.

Will there be more signage on the site?

There will be signage clearly denoting the entrance and exit points, and guiding users around the site. 5mph signs will be used throughout to remind users of the speed limit. We also hope to add signage to our land, discouraging drivers from parking on neighbouring highways.

What will happen if you are able to purchase the land, as per the original planning submission?

If there is progress on purchasing the land as planned, and a resolution could be reached very quickly, we will review our options.

Images of the proposed development:

Full site (click here to view high resolution version):

Norton architect full site

Proposed plan next to new pitches (click here to view high resolution version):

Norton architect lower car parking

Proposed plan close to pavilion (click here for high resolution version):

Norton architect upper car park


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About the pitches

National competition standard hockey pitch

The hockey pitch will be developed to national competition standard, providing an excellent resource for our own students and the clubs who already use our existing hockey facilities, as well as creating a centre for regional and national competitions.

This development will enhance the standard of hockey facilities in the Sheffield City Region, offering a much-needed new resource and generating income to support Sport Sheffield activities for our own students, staff and community.

3G Rugby and/or football multi-sport pitch:

This new pitch will make all-weather play possible at our Norton facility, significantly increasing the playing time available for students and members of the public.

The pitch will also have a spectator stand, creating an ideal atmosphere for competitive match play and tournaments. The pitch will provide much needed year-round facilities for rugby union, rugby league, American football, lacrosse and football, complementing the outstanding grass facilities already on site.

Contact us

Project enquiries: Project Manager David Holland, / 0114 222 9030

General enquiries: The EFM Help Desk will put you in touch with the right person, / 0114 222 9000

For more information about the new pitches and all the facilities available through Sport Sheffield, please contact Andy Cox, Director of Sport Sheffield, email

Images of completed pitches