New pitches planned for Norton Sports Centre

Norton Sports Centre

A planning application for substantial improvements to Norton Sports Centre has been submitted to Sheffield City Council, with a decision expected by the end of June. At the heart of the plans are two new artificial pitches – one for hockey and one for rugby/football. Both new pitches will be high quality, with spectator seating and new changing facilities.

National competition standard hockey pitch:

The hockey pitch will be developed to national competition standard, providing an excellent resource for our own students and the clubs who already use our existing hockey facilities, as well as creating a centre for regional and national competitions. This development will enhance the standard of hockey facilities in the Sheffield City Region, offering a much-needed new resource and generating income to support Sport Sheffield activities for our own students, staff and community.

3G Rugby and/or football multi-sport pitch:

This new pitch will make all-weather play possible at our Norton facility, significantly increasing the playing time available for students and members of the public. The pitch will also have a spectator stand, creating an ideal atmosphere for competitive match play and tournaments. The pitch will provide much needed year-round facilities for rugby union, rugby league, American football, lacrosse and football, complementing the outstanding grass facilities already on site.

For more information about the new pitches and all the facilities available through Sport Sheffield, please contact Andy Cox, Director Sport Sheffield, email



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