Snaithing Lane:

  • At a University owned property on Snaithing Lane, Ranmoor, we are crown lifting a tree overhanging a home on Carsick Hill Drive, on request of a resident. A pear tree in the grounds of our property unfortunately has to be felled as it has died.

At the student residences:

  • A large beech tree to the rear of Millstone Block, Endcliffe, is suffering from honey fungus and is now unfortunately a risk to property and people, particularly with winter approaching. After monitoring its health for six years, the tree team plan to fell it and use healthy parts of its trunk to create a bench for the vicinity in which it's being felled.
  • A large road-side ash tree on Shore Lane, in the woodland next to Ranmoor, has succumbed to old age. We will be felling this in coming weeks and will leave rotten wood on the ground as habitat and food for wildlife in the vicinity.
  • We are removing six small sycamores from the driveway at Ranmoor. They are regenerated stumps suffering from decay and water in the cavity so are structurally unsafe.

Shearwood Road:

Students and the University's Security Services have requested the removal of three Portugese laurels at the top of Shearwood Road. This is due to recent security/safety concerns. The specimens will be replaced as per our tree policy, though these will be placed elsewhere on campus. The work will take place on 24 November 2018.