As the summer months come to an end, there is some maintenance to undertake to our grounds on and around campus. 

  • On 20 October, we will be cutting back branches on a tree overhanging the grounds of the Students' Union Nursery on Brunswick Street.
  • At a University owned property on Snaithing Lane, Ranmoor, we are cutting back trees and branches overhanging homes on Carsick Hill Drive. This work will likely start on week commencing 22 October.
  • On 23 October we will be cutting back branches from a large oak tree on our Crewe grounds which is overhanging properties on Betjeman Gardens.

All of the above jobs have been agreed with local residents.

  • Sheffield City Council have instructed the University to cut back trees in the grounds of our empty building on the corner of Whitham and Northumberland Roads. To access these trees successfully, it's essential to clear some of the undergrowth and scrub. We will start this work on the site on 24-25 October and aim to finish on 2-3 November. The cutting back of the trees will take place on Sunday 11 November when the road is temporarily closed.
  • Unfortunately we have to fell a large beech tree on Endcliffe Vale Road, at the entrance to The Edge part of Endcliffe residences. It has succumbed to compaction and drought. This is likely to happen on week commencing 29 October.
  • A beech tree at the back of Curbur, on our Endcliffe residences grounds, is diseased with meripilus. While this condemns the tree and it will be felled before the end of November, we have found a use for the wood. The University's Korean Society will be creating a number of traditional totem poles to celebrate a cultural festival - an internationally renowned artist has been invited to carve them and they will be used in landscaping across campus.
  • Due to preparatory and survey works starting on the Social Sciences building on the pitches at Whitham Road, there is a programme of tree/vegetation clearance to begin on the site. This will start on 29 October and carry on through to November 2018. Click here for updates on the project page.
  • Three sorbus in the Halifax Hall memorial garden have died and will be replaced with six replacements in the same location. This work is likely to take place in early 2019.

If you have any questions about this work, please contact Alan Henderson, Tree and Landscape Supervisor ( As per our tree replacement policy, felled trees will be replaced with at least two new specimens.