Upcoming and recent tree works

A magnolia tree has to removed at Stephenson Hall and there has also been the removal of two trees at Elmfield Building

Exterior photo of Stephenson Halls of Residence

Due to causing inadequate lighting isssues, a Magnolia grandiflora tree at Stephenson Hall flats must be felled to ground level due to it completely covering a residential window.  The work will take place on Wednesday 14 September.

This work is in addition to the recent felling of two trees near the Elmfield Building on Northumberland Road.  The trees felled were a 10m high semi-mature lime and a small holly due to necessary heating pipework between the new Faculty of Social Sciences Building and the Elmfield Building.

In line with our Tree Policy, we will be replacing all felled trees at a ratio of two to one.  More information can be found at Looking after our trees