Henderson's Relish building

Henderson's House part of the former factory site on Leavygreave Road is a much-loved Sheffield landmark and became part of the University's estate in 2015.

Henderson's Relish building


Work to preserve the House is underway following the approval of our planning application to rebuild the elevations and replace windows and doors.

Detailed breakdown of the works being carried out

  • Signage - the signs will be removed during the construction work.  They will be stored securely and reinstalled once the preservation works are complete.
  • Brickwork - a significant amount of the brickwork needs to be taken down and rebuilt.  As many existing bricks will be re-used as possible. Damaged and defective bricks are to be removed and replaced with reclaimed bricks saved from taking down the rear building at the end of 2021/start of 2022. The whole building will be repointed.
  • Windows - new timber windows will be installed to match the existing style and size.  The lintels and sills will be retained and made good within the elevations that are being rebuilt.
  • Doors - new timber doors and surrounds will be installed to match the existing style and size.
  • Roof - new slate roof tiles will replace the existing ones.  The old tiles will be used for a charity project - with all profits going to support students who are seeking sanctuary in the UK, including those from Ukraine.

Access the full proposed plans diagram - although please note the work being carried out is slightly different in some areas when compared to this initial proposal.

Diagram showing the works that are being done to preserve the Hendersons House building

    Project Manager

    Adam Edgar
    Email: a.edgar@sheffield.ac.uk


    April 2022 - Planning approved

    Sheffield City Council have approved the planning application for "internal/external alterations including replacement of windows/doors and retention of 3 facades".  More detailed information on the works to be undertaken have been included in the project overview above.

    February 2022 - Submitted planning application

    A planning application was submitted to Sheffield City Council to carry out works at the site in order to preserve the 'Henderson's House' building.  The proposed refurbishment and rebuilding of the existing building will result in a secure and watertight building. 

    Although the future use is not fully determined at this time, it has been indicated that the development will most likely be a social or leisure space in the form of a café or bar facility, and so a change of use has been included in the application. We envisage that a further application will be required for the further development of the site. 

    December 2021 - Building at rear of site having to be removed

    Following the recent adverse weather, a building to the rear of the former Henderson’s Relish factory site has suffered structural damage and needs to be taken down immediately.  Further information can be found in this news story.

    July 2021 - Maintenance works

    Whilst plans for the Hendersons' development are under review, we have been working to protect the building with a view to bring it back into use. Following a recent survey, we are erecting internal scaffolding and some external hoardings in preparation to undertake works to the structure, the full extent of which are to be confirmed. These maintenance works will ensure that the distinctive building maintains its character, while safeguarding its future use and ensuring it is in good shape prior to future development.

    May 2021 - Roof and chimney repairs

    We are beginning repair work on the building's roof and gable chimney stacks.

    January 2021 - Structural inspection

    We will shortly be undertaking some work to repair and maintain the building. A roof inspection and various surveys will be conducted to address any issues to the roof and structure. The building is suffering from dry rot so this will be treated as part of the full programme of repairs.

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