Once I graduate I hope to enter the aircraft industry in manufacturing and design of aircraft parts

Clara Odede
Clara Odede
Aerospace Engineering Student
Clara is an Aerospace Engineering alumna and was the President of the Women in Engineering Student Society back in 2018.

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The reason why I took Aerospace Engineering was because I liked STEM subjects at school...I had previous work experience in light aircraft maintenance and I stumbled upon aerospace because it covers most of the range of engineering subjects like electrical, mechanical, materials...so I knew aerospace was definitely for me because it was within the air industry and it was multidisciplinary.

I chose Sheffield, when I was picking Universities, because they were doing quite a lot of research with really big companies like Rolls Royce, and I know that the AMRC work with Boeing, so I knew that what I’d be learning I’d be learning from professionals who are working in the field. Sheffield had a huge number of international students, I’m an international student, so it made me comfortable to know that there were people before me who had settled in quite well and they were happy being in Sheffield and I thought that meant I’d be comfortable with being in Sheffield too.

I chose Sheffield because they were doing quite a lot of research with really big companies like Rolls-Royce and the AMRC work with Boeing so I knew that...I'd be learning from professionals in the field.

Clara Odede

Aerospace Engineering student

I am the president of the Women in Engineering student society at the University of Sheffield. The main aim of our society is to redress the gender imbalance in engineering and the way we want to achieve this is by targeting primary school children and encouraging them about how fun and exciting STEM subjects can be. Another aim of the society is to encourage our female engineering students to continue taking up engineering even after they have finished their course and we do this by having career events and networking events. We take them to industrial sites to see how engineering is applied and how it can actually look in real life and it’s really exciting for them and for all of us to be a part of this society. 

We interviewed Clara in 2016.

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