The best thing about being an engineer is to create new technology that can directly help people

Dr Dana Damian is a Lecturer in Automatic Control & Systems Engineering - here she shares her engineering story with us.


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The reason why I chose the University of Sheffield is because it has a solid engineering faculty and also specifically to my research, in medical robotics, I like the fact that Sheffield has many hospitals around and the people there are open to collaboration and research.

We are working on robotic implants - this is a new technology that would reside inside our body, be mounted on a tissue and by gently pulling on a tissue we can grow new tissue or organs. We are so excited and fascinated by the idea of how to control it using the technology that we build.

My interest in engineering started with my father who was a mechanical engineer and also very much interested in science. I will also credit my mother because, although she was not an engineer, she inspired me and encouraged me to take a risky and unconventional path in my life.

The highlight of my engineering career has been the ability to work with incredible people from interdisciplinary backgrounds all being a part of the research that I've done and they've been an incredible inspiration and motivation to my work.

Dr Dana Damian


The best thing about being an engineer is to create new technology that can directly help people. In the long-term that technology can discover new science because it's usually the case new science is enabled by new and more sophisticated technology. The process of engineering it's about learning by doing - it provides a new perspective and appreciation of how nature is built or how things have been built or civilizations have been built.

We interviewed Dana in 2019.