One of the best things about being an engineer is being able to work together with multidisciplinary academics and researchers.

Diyana Tasron
Diyana Tasron
Mechanical Engineering
PhD alumna
Diyana is a Mechanical Engineering PhD alumna and here she shares her passion for research with us.

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I received my MEng in biomedical engineering from the University of Sheffield in 2011 and my first real research experience was when I did a summer internship at the Department of Cardiovascular Science at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. That was when I solidified my career decision to become a researcher.

My final year project was on evaluating the effect of fit on the performance of medical examination gloves. I remembered enjoying every aspect of the research and that was the very first time that I got to learn more in depth about the tribology of human skin.

In 2015 my team and I developed a prototype idea to educate and to share the knowledge of skin tribology with young children and teenagers as well as the public. We went on to participate in a public engagement competition, and we won the first prize, and then we went ahead to upscale the entire prototype which is now known as a spider-man wall where we use that during the open days and outreach events to talk to children about the importance of skin friction in our daily lives.

To those of you out there thinking of opting for engineering at the University of Sheffield I highly recommend it because all the academics are very inspiring and very approachable and you'll get to work with supportive staff and colleagues here in Sheffield.

Diyana Tasron

Mechanical Engineering PhD Alumna

One of the best things about being an engineer is being able to work together with multidisciplinary academics and researchers - by putting our brains together to come up with a solution and to impart our knowledge to the public because this is when we get to communicate our research so that they can be a part of the of the research process as well.

Sheffield itself is a very vibrant and diverse city and it provides endless opportunities for you to always find something you like. From volunteering to language learning, from sports to enterprise there will always be something for you.  

We interviewed Diyana in 2019.

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