I was a bioscience leader at one of the lighthouse labs [during the pandemic] and was able to apply the skills I learned through teaching at the Uni

Hannah Regan
Hannah Regan
PhD in Bioengineering Student
Postgraduate Study
This is Hannah, she is a Bioengineering PhD student and here she tells us about her work during the COVID-19 pandemic, her involvement with the 'fail fast-fail cheap' method and how far she has come in her journey after disappointing A level results.

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I started out very disappointed in my A levels as I failed my As levels & had to retake them all. I went to UWE in Bristol and found my footing with education, however, I had a massive problem with confidence in my academic ability and thought I was just destined to be average. But [with encouragement] I went on to achieve some of the highest grades in the year; I got on the Dean's list and received an award and as a result of that, realised that I was capable of conducting science at quite a high level. And look at where I've come, I've finishing off my Phd at a Russell Group University, and I couldn't be more proud.

Hannah Regan

Bioengineering PhD Student

We interviewed Hannah in June 2023

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