At School I didn’t think I could become an engineer, but I was taught by an enthusiastic physics teacher, then I thought that I could do engineering

Jo Shien Ng
Dr Jo Shien Ng
Royal Society University Research Fellow
Electronic and Electrical Engineering Alumna
Dr Jo Shien Ng is the Royal Society University Research Fellow working in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, she studied for her undergraduate degree and PhD at The University of Sheffield.

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During High School I didn’t think I could become an engineer, but fortunately in the very last year I was taught by a very enthusiastic physics teacher and suddenly my marks just went up. After that I thought that maybe I could do engineering and I chose electronic and electrical engineering. 

My area of research is to design an electronic sensors that are used to detect very, very weak light, some of the examples are for very secure data encryption, green-house gas monitoring and thermal imaging. Green house gas monitoring is very important but it is actually really difficult, we need very sensitive light sensors to help us to do that because the measurements are very much light based.

My day to day work might involve speaking to different people, speaking to the students and staff while working on a project to make sure we coordinate the activities to minimise inefficiencies and share knowledge and tips.

We interviewed Jo in 2016.