Sheffield helped my career because it opened the doors for me to join GE Aviation

Maria Guadalupe Martinez
Maria Guadalupe Martinez Escobedo
Lead Design Engineer at GE Aviation
Aerospace Engineering Alumna
Maria is an MSc Aerospace Engineering Alumna who left the University in 2016 but went on to do many great things such as being recognized as a top national talent in her country and having two registered inventions as well as now working for GE Aviation.

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Maria Guadalupe Martinez

Why did you want to be an engineer?

During high school I had great professors that encouraged me back in 2010 and I wanted to be involved in something truly multidisciplinary. My geography professor suggested to be a pilot for the Mexican Airforce as her son was a pilot; she definitely triggered my interest in aviation! The final decision came to me after I visited the IPN (National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico) Campus; it just felt right to me and I also got inspired by the aircraft that I saw at the lab: the fabulous Lear Jet!

Why did you choose to study at the University of Sheffield and Aerospace Materials in particular?

When I started to search for MSc programs, the UK ranked first in Aerospace offers for postgraduate studies and, digging further, the University of Sheffield was at the top for materials. That last part helped me to secure a scholarship from the National Technology Council in Mexico (CONACyT).

I found the multicultural environment of the university and the city itself to be perfect for students, the campus has cutting-edge technologies and research goes hand-in-hand with industry, as a result, the efforts and research that you can perform has high chances to reach an application. The university's societies are the most fun for meeting and connecting with great people across campus and you really get the full experience as a student to learn and grow on the personal side as well.

How has your experience at Sheffield helped your career?

It certainly skyrocketed my career because it opened the doors for me to join GE Aviation and the knowledge I got from my studies helped me (and continues to help) to develop world class initiatives and participate in submissions of intellectual property.

What has been the highlight of your engineering journey so far?

This is quite difficut as there are many great things but I’d say being recognized as a top national talent in my country (Engineering Promise 2019) and I also have two inventions registered, one as Defensive Publication and then I filed my first Patent. These achievements are the result of hard work and great commitment to make impactful contributions in aviation and I was also lucky to be featured in the Univeristy of Sheffield Alumni Magazine.

What are your ambitions for the future?

I want to continue my career growth in a way that I can help many people to develop their strengths and continue to participate in more inventions for applied science while solving aviation engines difficulties.

What’s your favourite memory of Sheffield?

Wow, this is difficult because it has been one of the best years of my life! Long walks, beautiful Peak District landscapes, nearly camping at the diamond preparing for exams, surviving rugby trainings during harsh weather, parties…so many great memories. The people I met and the Rugby Ladies Club made this experience totally one of a kind. So much personal and professional growth that I believe anyone should be courageous to live and make the most of it.

What’s the best thing about being an engineer?

It is fascinating; knowledge is beautiful and getting to make use of it in solving the different challenges we face every day is very satisfying and rewarding. The best thing about being an engineer is the fact that you get to experience life from a different perspective with lots of curiosity and bravery to challenge yourself over and over.

Maria Guadalupe Martinez

We interviewed Maria in February 2022.

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