Lab Teaching Information

Teaching Information

Lab teaching staff

In your labs you will be taught by our academic engineering teachers and our expert lab technicians. There will be post graduate student helpers also who we call GTAs (Graduate Teaching Assistants) so there should always be someone to help you with queries in the lab.

Our staff tend to wear purple shirts. To find out which staff will be working with you in each lab, visit Our Staff Hub.

Lab sheets:

At each lab you will be provided with lab sheets that contain the lab information and the instructions for the lab activity that you will be doing.

For face to face labs:

  • Lab sheets for face to face labs will be available in the lab.
  • For additional information that might help you to navigate the lab sheets please see these instructions.
  • During face to face labs you will be asked to write your findings down in a laboratory notebook that we will provide for you. These are the books with lined paper on one page and graph paper on the other. Please keep these notebooks safe and bring them to lab activities.

For online labs:

The lab sheet and all background information will be attached on the Module Blackboard page for that lab.

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