Dr Mohammed Asadullah Khan

Multidisciplinary Engineering Education

University Teaching Associate in the Cleanroom

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Dr Mohammed Asadullah Khan
Multidisciplinary Engineering Education
The Diamond
32 Leavygreave Road
S3 7RD

I graduated with a Masters degree in engineering from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in 2010, specialising in semiconductor fabrication, characterization and VLSI circuit design. My M.E. thesis, titled “Experimental Investigation of Quantum Effects in Ultra Thin Films of Monocrystalline Silicon”, involved substantial cleanroom work in the then nascent nanofabrication facility at IISc. Subsequently, I worked at Intel R&D developing processor prototypes, pushing the envelope of digital design paradigms. Our team realised the first x86 processor capable of operating in the near threshold voltage regime for enhanced energy efficiency. I also designed and validated a low power high bandwidth network switch for an on chip network fabric to be used in a prototype exascale processor.

My interest in research, teaching and mentorship motivated me to enrol for a PhD at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in fall 2013. I worked with Prof. Jürgen Kosel on my PhD thesis titled “Magnetic Composite Transducers for Integrated Systems”, which focused on the usage of magnetic composites to develop novel sensors, energy harvesters and actuators. I have extensive cleanroom experience, particularly in MEMS and CMOS device fabrication and characterization accrued over multiple years, while pursuing coursework and research at IISc and KAUST. At KAUST, I was the teaching assistant for the course ‘Introduction to MEMS (EE205)’ for three consecutive years (Fall 2017, Fall 2018, Fall 2019), gaining experience in supervising and grading lab work, organising tutorials and supervising and grading course projects.

I joined the University of Sheffield in 2020 as a Research Associate in the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering (ACSE) working on an EPSRC funded project titled “What happens when you cross LEGO and a Star Trek Replicator?” (EP/T028661/1). I was responsible for independently developing a remotely actuated reversible adhesion mechanism, while assisting with the prototyping of a multi-element ultrasonic levitation system. I leveraged my experience in MEMS actuators to simulate and develop different kinds of adhesive modules.

I joined the Department of Multidisciplinary Engineering Education (MEE) as a University Teaching Associate in August 2023. I am responsible for developing and supervising the cleanroom lab sessions in the Diamond. 


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