Mr Thomas Plumpton

Multidisciplinary Engineering Education

Assistant Teaching Technician for Computing, Control and Electrical Engineering

Thomas Plumpton
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Mr Thomas Plumpton
Multidisciplinary Engineering Education
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My road into Engineering started way-back watching Star Trek Next Gen as a child -

Geordi LaForge could get things done, and to get things done, he had to engineer it.

That’s mostly the reason I’m a problem solver, and the rest is because things can always be done more effectively, if you’re willing to figure out where the gaps are - and I’ve worked in a wide collection of areas and picked up many things to try and do that.

I started with Physics and Maths like most others of the STEM / STEAM community, understanding quickly that Science is cool, but making things that do Science is cooler. Someone explained to my young self that a Scientist takes data, and an Engineer makes data into things. That was all I needed to know about that difference - I would make things.

I did a Masters in Mechanical Control Systems from 2003-2007, and then used that knowledge to work in fields such as Power Generation at Siemens Lincoln (Want to know anything about GTs? They’re big and they spin - Ask me how!) and working in Research on combustion (Want to know why it burns? Ask me how!) with the Energy2050 Group from 2015. Always, more knowledge, more making, more fixing.

For things to be made, they need a reason to exist - Engineers just figure out what needs to be done by a thing, and aren’t willing to wait for someone else to make it. And if it doesn't need to be made, then there’s probably something to fix instead.

I’ve worked in the University for approaching 10 years in multiple departments, as a Researcher, Teaching Assistant, Administrator and Invigilator, but I’ve only been with the Technical Team for a short time, finally getting the hands-on career I know I needed. There’s a lot to make and a few extra things to fix, so it’s best to just get right to it, eh? 

Spanner and soldering Iron, please.