My year in industry helped me to find my niche

Year in Industry student Andrew Do giving a presentation. He has one a suit and hold a piece of paper.
Andrew Do
Computer Science
Year in Industry placement at Samsung SDS Europe
Andrew was successful in gaining a year in industry at Samsung SDS Europe based in Surrey.

Why did you decide to do a year in industry?

I felt that I needed to spice up my CV and add some experience to boost my employability after finishing my course.

How did you find your year in industry opportunity?

As an international student, I initially found it pretty hard to find a placement but I managed to find my niche - a Korean-speaking engineering role. My Korean background was extremely beneficial in working with employees who have come from Samsung’s origin country of Korea as I could provide a transition between the two cultures.

Tell us about project(s) which you have been most involved with whilst on year in industry?

I was a project assistant in the processes department which works to enhance customer-business processes; for example AI answering customer queries instead of human employees. I worked on B2B business development, including ongoing project management, for example software integration projects.

What do you like about the company you have done your year in industry with?

I enjoyed being part of Samsung - a well-known organisation with high name value.  There were lots of opportunities to be involved in really crucial projects, I really felt part of the team. My colleagues were very friendly and happy to teach me new things and there were some very nice lunches too!

What has been your favourite part of completing a year in industry?

There were several - learning how to work in a professional environment; getting to know how technology is impacting the industry; being aware of  market trends and also seeing how professionals actually live outside academic university life.

Which part of your degree has helped you with undertaking a year in industry the most?

Although technological aspects were important - I would say that, for me, business management was of particular relevance, especially when it comes to organisational culture and professional behaviour at work.

What do you hope to do after you graduate?

Using this experience gained at Samsung SDS Europe, I hope to join Samsung Electronics HQ in Korea and start my career there.

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