Digital Society Network

Data visualisation by Valentina D'Efilippo

The Digital Society Network (DSN) is a loose network of researchers examining all aspects of digital-society relations. It is part of The University of Sheffield (TUoS)’s Faculty of Social Sciences.

The DSN aims to:

  • Stimulate and support digital society research;
  • Enable collaborations within and beyond the Faculty;
  • Host activities which result in research funding and knowledge exchange.

For news about Digital Society research at TUoS, visit the Faculty of Social Science’s homepage, and click on #DigitalSociety on the right hand side.

The DSN can support Faculty of Social Sciences academics with a small amount of research stimulation money, currently available until 31st July 2016.

The DSN funding has led to a number of successes, including an ESRC seminar series, journal special issues, follow up conferences, membership of international boards, and more.