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Blog: Tokyo Pengyou

Jamie CoatesDr Jamie Coates, Lecturer in East Asian Studies, specialises in the cultural anthropology of China and Japan and is interested in how different ways of living, and different modes of thinking foster or inhibit humanity’s capacity to cooperate.

Developing his doctoral research on Chinese migration to Japan, Dr Coates is currently investigating how media and migration re-scale local imaginaries in the Sino-Japanese context. His research focuses on forms of play, consumption, and media used amongst Chinese people living in Japan and asks how quotidian phenomena such as transport, food, tourism, games, gender and sex are changing the way interpersonal Chinese relations and Sino-Japanese relations are imagined in the current era.

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Blog: What do drone users and drone developers think about their use?

In a recent blog post Dr Elisa Serafinelli, Research Associate in the Department of Sociological StuImage of Elisa Serafinellidies, has written about a new project funded by British Academy/Leverhulme to investigate the effects of increased drone usage in society.

The project will examine what domestic users think about their drone usage, whether they are aware of existing policies, what they think constitutes appropriate usage and how drones’ usage should be regulated. It is hoped that the research will help us understand how to mitigate the risks and maximise the opportunities afforded by drone technology.

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Image of CoP23Researchers make climate change social at major United Nations event

In late 2017, Drs Warren Pearce and Suay Ozkula from the Department of Sociological Studies were invited to speak at the United Nations Climate Change conference, attended by international political leaders and activists, about how climate change is discussed on social media.

The world’s nations met in Bonn, Germany for the 23rd annual ‘Conference of the Parties’ (COP23), a major ten-day conference with the ultimate aim of halting global warming, from November 6 to 17, 2017.

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Image of Dr Kate DommettBlog: Digital technology is changing party politics, the interesting question is how

In a new blog post for Democratic Audit UK, Dr Kate Dommett, Director of the Crick Centre for the Public Understanding of Politics at the University of Sheffield, writes it is evident from the 2017 general election that digital technology has been fully embraced by political parties and incorporated into campaigning strategies. It is also creating opportunities for satellite campaigns to mobilise citizens. Longer term, digital innovations have the potential to reshape the nature of engagement between citizens and parties, though these more fundamental changes are not yet being implemented.

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Image of 'Hack' sign at Facebook HQHelen Kennedy joins world leading digital experts at Facebook HQ for social research 'un-conference'

Professor Helen Kennedy was recently one of a small number of digital experts from around the world to be hand-picked to attend an exclusive social research event at Facebook’s headquarters in California, USA.

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Image of Social media illustrationBlog: The future of eating disorder content moderation

Ysabel Gerrard, Lecturer in Digital Media and Society, has written a blog post, published on UCLA's Department of Information Studies conference blog, about eating disorder content moderation on social networks.

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