Digital Society Network people

The Digital Society Network (DSN) is open to all staff and PhD students in the Faculty of Social Sciences and in other Faculties at the University of Sheffield. Some events are open to people outside of the university too – see each event for details.

The Digital Society Network (DSN) is open to all staff and PhD students in the Faculty of Social Sciences and in other Faculties at the University of Sheffield. There are various ways you can become involved:

  • Become an affiliate and participate actively in one or more of our DSN Hubs. See below for current affiliates.
  • Join our mailing list to find out about DSN activities and receive other news and updates.
  • Attend DSN events.

If you are interested in joining the DSN in any of these ways, or finding out more about our activities, please contact us at

The DSN is managed by a steering committee, who are listed below.

DSN Steering Committee

Image of Helen KennedyProfessor Helen Kennedy

DSN Director / Professor of Digital Society

Research interests include: Datafication, data visualisations in society, their reception and role in data accessibility; social media, platform politics, algorithmic culture; digital media work and practices; digital and other inventive methods.

Image of Jo BatesDr Jo Bates

Senior Lecturer in Information Politics and Policy

Research interests include: Socio-cultural and/or political economic drivers of emergent practices of data production, processing, distribution and/or use in different contexts; bias and discrimination in data and algorithmic processing; cultures of data science practice; notions of data justice, fairness, accountability and transparency.

Image of Dmitry ChernobrovDr Dmitry Chernobrov

Lecturer in Media and International Politics

Research interests include: Media representations, identity and public opinion; emotion and collective memory; humanitarian crisis communication; media and international development; critical conceptions of security/insecurity in media and politics; public perception of international politics; digital transformations in humanitarian crisis response; humanitarian communication futures.

Image of Jamie CoatesDr Jamie Coates

Lecturer in East Asian Studies

Research interests include: Cultural anthropology of China and Japan; visual and digital ethnography; historical and textual analysis; technology, mobility and imagination.

Image of Kate DommettDr Katharine Dommett

Senior Lecturer in the Public Understanding of Politics

Research interests include: Digital campaigning; democratic politics and data use; political parties and campaigning; the use of digital technology in elections and by democratic organisations.

Dr Tim Highfield

Lecturer in Digital Media and Society

Research interests include: Digital methods; visual social media; politics and/of digital media; time and digital media; everyday digital cultures; digital media platforms and their cultural and political interventions.

Image of Dorothea KleineProfessor Dorothea Kleine

Professor of Human Geography

Research interests include: Sustainable and just development futures in the global South (and North); information and communication technologies for development (ICT4D); ethics of ICT-related development interventions, responsible innovation and data ethics; the capabilities approach and sustainable development; sustainable/ethical consumption research, food geographies, trade justice and Fair Trade.

Image of Warren PearceDr Warren Pearce

Senior Lecturer

Research interests include: Climate change communication and policy; public inclusion in research governance; the rise of randomised trials within UK public policy.

Image of Elisa SerafinelliDr Elisa Serafinelli

Research Associate

Research interests include: The analysis of the use of mobile media and the social behaviours that arise from it; the practice of photo sharing and how visual communication online changes the people's daily habits.

Kate Taylor JonesProfessor Kate Taylor-Jones

Professor of East Asian Studies

Research interests include: Cinema of Imperial Japan and its legacy across East Asia; Representations of East Asian girlhood in film and media; Representation of prostitution and sex work in visual culture.

DSN Affiliates

Image of Pamela AbbottDr Pamela Abbott

Senior Lecturer in Information Systems

Research interests include: Global Sourcing; ICTs and Development; e-health interventions and personalisation of healthcare; cybersocial issues.

Image of Parveen AliDr Parveen Ali

Senior Lecturer

Research interests include: Gender based violence; intimate partner violence; health, consanguinity and genetics; inequalities in health care experiences and health outcomes.

Image of Carolyn AxtellDr Carolyn Axtell

Senior Lecturer, Institute of Work Psychology

Research interests include: Virtual/telework; employee well-being; work design and empathy/perspective taking.

Professor Ataur Rahman Belal

Professor in Accounting

Research interests include: Social and environmental accounting; critical perspectives on NGO accountability; accounting and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Image of Ross BellabyDr Ross Bellaby

Senior Lecturer in Security Studies

Research interests include: Intelligence and surveillance; ethics in intelligence; ethical theory; the harm ethic; ethics in war and violence.

Image of Alessandro CheccoDr Alessandro Checco

Lecturer in Business Analytics

Research interests include: Crowdsourcing; data privacy; algorithmic bias and crowdsourcing bias; digital labour and unionisation.

Image of Ding ChenDr Ding Chen

Senior Lecturer in Corporate and Commercial Law

Research interests include: Law and development; corporate governance; company law; financial regulation; new institutional economics.

Image of Jennifer CoatesDr Jennifer Coates

Senior Lecturer in Japanese Studies

Research interests include: Japanese cultural studies; Japanese and East Asian cinema; photography; gender studies; filmmaking, and ethnographic methods.

Image of Charlotte Elliot-HarveyDr Charlotte Elliott-Harvey

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Research interests include: Freedom of speech; media controversies; provocative speech; truth-values; press ethics and press regulation.

Dr David Forrest

Senior Lecturer in Film Studies

Research interests include: Realism, class, and region in contemporary cultural texts; relationships between representations of place and audiences’ lived experiences.

Image of Ysabel GerrardDr Ysabel Gerrard

Lecturer in Digital Media and Society

Research interests include: Social media policies; digital identities (particularly gender); feminist media theory; digital research methods and ethics.

Image of Paula GoodaleDr Paula Goodale


Research interests include: Information access, information interaction and, information use and re-use.

Image of Genevieve GorrellDr Genevieve Gorrell

Research Associate

Research interests include: Social informatics; social media analysis; big data; web science; data mining.

Image of J. Grant HillDr J. Grant Hill

Lecturer in Theoretical Chemistry

Research interests include: Theoretical chemistry; Gaussian basis sets; aromaticity, intermolecular interactions; thermochemistry; ab initio spectroscopy.

Picture of Dan HammettDr Daniel Hammett

Senior Lecturer

Research interests include: Geographies of citizenship and civil society; geopolitics of the global south; scales and practices of citizenship in relation to practices of governmentality and identity, belonging and division.

Image of Jackie HarrisonProfessor Jackie Harrison

Professor of Public Communication

Research interests include: The civil role and power of the news; the architecture and culture of the news; the mediation of civil society and social identity by the news; and issues of news freedom and standards.

Image of Iona HineDr Iona Hine

Research Impact Officer

Research interests include: Modern bible and translation; public engagement.

Image of Frank HopfgartnerDr Frank Hopfgartner

Senior Lecturer in Data Science

Research interests include: Interactive information systems; content analysis; self-tracking and lifelogging and its potentials for personalization.

Image of Nesrine KaanicheDr Nesrine Kaaniche

Lecturer in Cybersecurity

Research interests include: ICT (wired and wireless) security and privacy issues; design of secure and privacy-preserving cryptographic algorithms; protocols for emerging networks.

Image of Irini KatsireaDr Irini Katsirea

Reader in International Media Law

Research interests include: International, European and comparative media law; EU Law.

Professor Adam Leaver

Chair in Accounting and Society

Research interests include: Using social network analysis methods to map the social relationships that underlie certain complex securities markets; developing a relational theory of the firm to understand the impact of financialization in the corporate sphere; exploring the inter-temporal transfers and tensions that arise as a consequence of financialization; theorising the sociology of metric gaming in organisations.

Image of Simon MarvinProfessor Simon Marvin

Director, Urban Institute

Research interests include: Telecommunications, infrastructure and mobility; sustainability; systemic transitions; climate change; ecological security and smart cities.

Image of Diana MaynardDr Diana Maynard

Senior Research Fellow

Research interests include: Information extraction; opinion mining; social media analysis; terminology and semantic web technologes; detection and analysis of sarcasm.

Image of Jamie McLaughlinMr Jamie McLaughlin

Research Software Engineer

Research interests include: Automated data linkage; 3D visualisation and WebGL.

Dr Seth Mehl

Research Fellow

Research interests include: Corpus methodology and lexical semantics; co-produced and community-led methodology; analysis of concepts and discourses in development work.

Professor Kirsty Newsome

Associate Dean Research

Research interests include: Factory work and the politics of production; labour process change in retail and retail supply chains; work and Employment in the logistics sector; labour and Global Value Chains.

Image of Susan OmanDr Susan Oman

Research Associate

Research interests include: Data and evidence in practice; policy issues; well-being; loneliness; inequality and class.

Image of Stephen PinfieldProfessor Stephen Pinfield

Professor of Information Services Management

Research interests include: Scholarly communication; research data management; open access and open science; digital scholarship; digital information resources management;  managing information and technology services in organisations; open-access publishing and dissemination; research data management maturity; digital repository development.

Image of Stephen PotterDr Stephen Potter

Translational Research Associate

Research interests include: Artificial intelligence; intelligent systems; systems analysis.

Image of Sammia PovedaDr Sammia Poveda

Lecturer in International Development

Research interests include: ICT for human development; critical agency, empowerment and social structures; psychosocial wellbeing; gender, class, race, etc (intersectionality).

Image of Paul ReillyDr Paul Reilly

Senior Lecturer in Social Media and Digital Society

Research interests include: Crisis communication; digital media and peacebuilding; online research ethics; social media activism; social media and sousveillance.

Image of Fiona ScottDr Fiona Scott

Lecturer in Digital Literacies

Research interests include: Digital literacies; sociomaterial theory; children and digital devices/texts.

Image of Tom StaffordDr Tom Stafford

Lecturer in Psychology and Cognitive Science

Research interests include: Simple decision making; simple skill learning; computational theory; robotics and neuroscience; complex decisions and bias in decision making.

Image of Lukasz SzulcDr Lukasz Szulc

Lecturer in Digital Media and Society

Research interests include: Cultural and critical media studies; digital media and identity; queer theory and LGBTQ studies; nationalism and transnationalism; central and Eastern Europe, particularly Poland; qualitative research methods.

Image of Nicholas TsagouriasProfessor Nicholas Tsagourias

Professor of International Law

Research interests include: International law and the use of force; international humanitarian law; international criminal law; collective security law; international and European constitutionalism; cybersecurity.

Image of Karolina UrbanskaDr Karolina Urbanska

Research Associate

Research interests include: Political structure; social identity; the dynamics of interdisciplinary research and political biases.

Dr Stefania Vicari

Senior Lecturer in Digital Sociology

Research interests include: Digital activism; digital health; text analytics; dynamics of civic engagement on digital platforms of communication.

Image of Sheila WebberDr Sheila Webber

Senior Lecturer

Research interests include: Information literacy and information behaviour; information literacy and information behaviour; the use of technology in learning.

Image of Aidan WhileDr Aidan While

Senior Lecturer

Research interests include: Planning for climate change; low-carbon policy; the relationship between planning and economic development; growth management and sustainable development.

Image of Ros WilliamsDr Ros Williams

Lecturer in Digital Media and Society

Research interests include: Science and Technology Studies (STS); digital technologies and media; sociologies of race and ethnicity.

Image of Ting XuDr Ting Xu

Senior Lecturer

Research interests include: Law, governance and development; comparative property law; roperty and human rights; socio-legal studies; Chinese law; comparative law; political economy.