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Human Geographers

You can find a human geography supervisor by looking at the table below.
Supervisors are categorised by their research cluster.

Initially, you should identify and approach a potential supervisor with compatible research interests and expertise. They will be able to help you to develop your proposed research ideas into a strong and viable project.

Supervisor Research Interests
Dr Dimitris Ballas Social and spatial inequalities; the geography of happiness and well-being; European identity; spatial microsimulation; socio-economic applications of Geographical Information Systems
Dr Megan Blake Food Poverty; Food in cities; Neoliberalism and Food; Food and 3rd sector organisations ; Urban Food Plans; Food and consumption; Food and tourism; Local Food; Consumer/retailor food waste; food and family practices.
Frances Cleaver
  • Institutions: to understanding how institutions (particularly for community based natural resource management and local service delivery) work.
  • Water governance: scrutinising the nature of policies, how they travel through people and their impacts for distribution and access to water.
  • Livelihoods: understanding the gendered everyday politics of livelihoods, access to services and resources, the dynamics of inclusion and exclusion.
  • Green economy initiatives and the effect on land and water rights

Area focus: East and Southern Africa but not limited to those areas

Dr Jessica Dubow Cultural/Critical Geography, Critical Theory, Continental Philosophy, Aesthetics, with specific emphasis on themes of exile, displacement, migration. Also, postcolonial theory, visual studies, South African history/culture.
Professor David Evans Food losses in agricultural production; retailer involvement in initiatives for sustainable and healthy diets; (comparative approaches to) relationships between modes of food provisioning and patterns of food consumption; the distribution of responsibilities along commodity chains; food, ethnicity and nation.
Dr Desiree Fields Urban geography, urban theory, financialization, digital urban geographies, housing, homelessness
Dr Daniel Hammett Citizenship, activism, active citizenship, geopolitics, global south, civil society, global citizenship, cosmopolitanism.
Professor Peter Jackson Social and cultural geography, Geographies of consumption, Food security.
Dr Juan Miguel Kanai Varieties of urban Entrepreneurial Regimes including eco-entrepreneurialism and homo-entrepreneurialism; Culture-led regeneration; planetary urbanization; territorial design and infrastructure networks;
Dr Dorothea Kleine Digital geographies, ICT4D, development theory, Fair Trade and ethical consumption.

Particularly, in the following areas:

  • Theorising engaged digital geographies
  • The capability approach and ICT4D
  • Big Data and new digital tools for participation and co-design
  • Gender and ICTs or online representation
  • Ethical consumption and digital tools
  • Conceptualisations, translations and digital representations of fairness across spatial and cultural distance
Professor Richard Philips

Religious, ethnic and cultural difference; Transnational and multicultural sexuality politics; Geographies of curiosity; The world after empire; Historical geographies of sexuality; Geographies of race, racism, cultural racism and anti-racism
- Muslims in Britain
- Multicultural Politics and Controversies
- Museum Geographies
- Postcolonial film and literature

Professor Jenny Pickerill Eco-housing, eco-communities, environmentalism and community economies
Professor David Robinson Housing; homelessness; urban transformations; new migration; community change; geography and public policy.
Dr Seth Schindler Urbanization in the global South, infrastructure, urban metabolism, urban political ecology
Dr Deborah Sporton Population and Development, International Migration and Asylum Seeking.
Dr Matt Watson Theories of practice, sustainability and social change, especially in relation to energy, food, water, mobility, waste. Cultural geographies of energy and environment - reducing demand, reducing carbon intensity.

Physical Geographers

Physical Geography applicants are invited to work on the projects listed below. These research projects have been curated by our research groups as areas for potential growth. Click on an item in the table below to learn more.

Topic Supervisor
Controls on dust emission processes form ephemeral lake sources Dr Robert Bryant, Professor Mark Bateman
Dust emission processes from Pro-Glacial sources Dr Robert Bryant
Remote Sensing of Volcanogenic Aerosols Dr Robert Bryant
Unlocking palaeoenvironmental information from Sand Ramps and Falling Dunes Dr Robert Bryant, Professor Mark Bateman
Mars Polar Processes and Landforms Dr Felix Ng
Deciphering changes in the climate and ice flow of the Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheets from their internal radar stratigraphy Dr Felix Ng (Sheffield) and Dr Edward King (British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge)
Microbial ecology and gas dynamics across the snow-atmosphere interface in the Arctic

Professor Andy Hodson and Dr Emma Wharf (Sheffield)

Dr Kelly Redeker and Dr James Chong (York)

Investigating forcing of dynamical changes at Greenland marine-terminating glaciers Dr Andrew Sole
Reconstructing the palaeoglaciology of Arctic ice caps from landform mapping Professor Chris Clark and Dr Stephen Livingstone