Reducing problems in ageing

Developing new policies, practices and personalised treatments for intervention at all stages of the life course.

Healthy lifespan hiking

We aim to identify and develop new policies, practices and products, for intervention at all stages of the life course, to prevent, delay or ameliorate multimorbidity, so that the healthy lifespan becomes the new normal.

Our research teams work on determining the impact of clinical and non-clinical approaches to multimorbidity. Building on traditional behavioural measures (for example exercise, diet, smoking, alcohol consumption), there remains a need to improve the mechanistic understanding of the link between nutrition, physical activity and health in order to develop evidence-based guidelines and targeted interventions. Our research explores the impact of exercise and nutrition on health across the life course and behaviours which sustain healthy habits.

Our interdisciplinary team is focused on improving the evidence base for translation of basic science to applied research. We develop new clinical trial design to include patients with multimorbidity and test geroprotector drugs and other interventions, targeting multiple diseases at the same time or boosting resilience in frail individuals. We have a unique drug discovery pipeline with novel in vivo non mammalian models for the screening of new senolytics. This is used in combination with a pre-clinical in vivo research facility with state of the art animal models of age-related diseases and tests to assess healthspan longitudinally for advanced testing of interventions for multimorbidity and frailty to support clinical trial data-package.

We focus on evidence around prevention throughout a person’s life – not just in later life.

We deliver radical and innovative research on how social and public health approaches should be integrated and used in combination with the new medical advances, for example geroprotectors – compounds which can slow ageing.

Flagship institutes

The University’s four flagship institutes bring together our key strengths to tackle global issues, turning interdisciplinary and translational research into real-world solutions.