Lindsay van Dijk

Lindsay van Dijk was the first ever U.K- based appointed head of chaplaincy as a humanist in February 2018 and made national and international headlines. She is currently the head of chaplaincy at another large NHS Trust, the chair of the Non-religious Pastoral Support Network. Lindsay is also a sup



Lindsay's doctoral research at Middlesex University concerns 'the experience of humanists entering faith-based healthcare chaplaincy teams'. The title is inspired by a faith-based chaplain who described how they differ  from the non-religious: “[…] it is like the difference between an omnivore and a vegetarian: the omnivore also eats meat, but can include the whole of the vegetarian diet.” (Participant 26, Paragraph 13).

Lindsay has a Masters degree from the Netherlands at the University of Humanistic Studies (Utrecht) to provide humanist and existential counselling, coaching and pastoral care. Lindsay is accredited as a humanist pastoral carer through the UK Board of healthcare Chaplaincy (UKBHC), the Non-Religious Pastoral Support Network (NRPSN) and as a humanist funeral celebrant at Humanists UK.

Twitter: @lindsayvandijk 

I am interested in participating in the conference because I believe in its key aim of sharing best-practice and to network with colleagues from around the world to further develop, learn and inspire each other’s practice

Lindsay van Dijk