Clinical research

To support the translation of novel technologies into clinical practice Insigneo has developed facilities targeted specifically at clinical research, allowing data collection and processing within the clinical environment.

Sheffield PET-MRI facility

PET/MRI facility

The University of Sheffield’s imaging research develops novel imaging and healthcare technologies and translates them for healthcare benefit.

The new Sheffield PET-MRI facility is the UK’s eighth and Yorkshire’s only PET-MRI facility. It is set in a purpose built state-of-the-art facility that is attached to the existing University of Sheffield MRI unit at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital.

Read more about the University of Sheffield's medical imaging facilities.

For more details, contact Professor Jim Wild.

EOS Imaging System at Sheffield Children’s Hospital

Opening of the EOS Imaging System at Sheffield Children’s Hospital

A new EOS Imaging System has been installed at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital, and is co-managed by the Insigneo Institute.

The EOS system will allow collaborative research between the university and the hospital. It will improve the diagnosis and treatments of musculoskeletal diseases in children and adults, building on expertise developed within the Insigneo Institute.

Contact us for more information.

Research and Clinical Space at the Northern General Hospital

Insigneo has research and clinical space at the Northern General Hospital in the Clinical Research Facility (CRF), and the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in the NIHR Sheffield Biomedical Research Centre (BRC).

Located within the Clinical Research Facility, Insigneo members and staff have priority access to a number of facilities.

A hospital bedroom 

This is completely fitted out with a bed and other equipment which can be used for patient research. There is a long corridor outside the room which could be used for walking tests.

To book this space, or to go and see if it is suitable for your research needs, contact the CRF unit reception directly. They will need some details such as patient name and study name for health and safety reasons. Also state that you are from Insigneo.

CRF Unit telephone number: +44 114 2715779 (or 15779 if dialling internally).

Office space 

Office space is available for up to six people. This has IT network points which cover both the hospital and the university.

We will be putting a few desktop computers in the office, but initially the room will be for use with your laptop. This space can be used as a hot desk facility.

You should speak to reception at the Northern General CRF and they will let you into the office.

See the CRF website for more details about the Clinical Research Facility at the Northern General Hospital including contact details and opening hours.

Biomechanics Laboratory at the NIHR Sheffield BRC

Biomechanics Laboratory at the NIHR Sheffield BRC

Insigneo researchers have access to equipment to obtain biomechanical measurements from patients to perform research related to the NIHR Sheffield BRC. This equipment is located within the NIHR Sheffield BRC in their office on D floor of the Royal Hallamshire Hospital.

Professor Claudia Mazzà and Lorenza Angelini are in charge of the space. They are also in charge of coordination and supervision of the associated projects.

Insigneo and BRC members interested in using this facility should contact Professor Claudia Mazzà to discuss potential collaborations.

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