ECM & Insigneo Mechanobiology Interest Group Seminar: Professor Yanlan Mao, UCL

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Monday 17 October 2022
Student's Union, Students’ Union Building, The University of Sheffield, Western Bank, Sheffield, S10 2TG
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We are pleased to announce that our next seminar is being hosted jointly with the Extracellular Matrix Group (ECM) and Insigneo Mechanobiology Group.  Professor Yanlan Mao from University College London will give a talk on 'Coping with mechanical stress: tissue dynamics during development, homeostasis and repair' on Monday 17 October. The talk will be followed by a networking session at 15:00 with coffee and biscuits sponsored by CRB Discovery.

Coping with mechanical stress: tissue dynamics during development, homeostasis and repair

During growth and development, tissue dynamics, such as tissue folding, cell intercalations and oriented cell divisions, are critical for shaping tissues and organs. However, less is known about how tissues regulate their dynamics during tissue homeostasis and repair, to maintain their shape after development. In this talk, we will discuss how mechanical forces can influence each of these processes, such as how differential growth rates can generate precise folds in tissues. We will also discuss how tissues respond to mechanical perturbations, such as stretching or wounding, by altering their mechanical properties, to change tissue dynamics, and thus preserve tissue shape and patterning. We combine genetics, experimental biophysics and computational modelling across multiple animal model systems to study these processes. 

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