Undergraduate application FAQs

This webpage is designed for international applicants as a series of frequently asked questions about your application to the University of Sheffield.

If you cannot find the answer to your question here please use Ask Sheffield, a database of frequently asked questions and details of how to contact us directly.


What are your entry requirements?

The University of Sheffield has high entry requirements as we are an international leader in teaching and research and places are competitive. Choose your country or region to find specific requirements.

What is the course content and modules that I will study?

Details about the course you will be studying can be found on the undergraduate prospectus under the relevant course listing.

Can I take extra courses or modules?

This depends on your course but everyone has to take 120 credits each academic year and you cannot take more than this. Further information on modules can be found on the undergraduate prospectus under the relevant course listing.


How long does it take for a decision to be made on my application?

We aim to process a decision as quickly as possible, provided there are no queries. Where we are not able to make a decision for some time, we will contact you to explain the situation. Please note that it is the policy of some academic departments to interview applicants before making a decision. Some other departments await the 15 January deadline before considering applications. In both cases, you should receive a letter or email from the department explaining the procedure.

You should note that at busy times of the application cycle, particularly towards the October and January deadlines, there may be delays in the processing of applications, both at UCAS and within the University.

Once a decision is made, this is recorded on the University's central database and communicated electronically to UCAS. You can view the status of your application through the Track facility on the UCAS website.

Admissions information for undergraduate applicants

Sheffield is currently my insurance choice but I want it to be my first choice. What should I do?

If you have made you firm and insurances choices less than 14 days ago you can contact UCAS to change your replies. If you made your firm and insurance choices more than 14 days ago you should contact the Admissions offices of all universities concerned. For Sheffield please email your decision to the relevant Admissions Team quoting your UCAS application number. The universities must then contact UCAS to register their permission before UCAS will change your choices.

Do I have to have an interview?

Generally speaking, interviews are not a pre-requisite of admission. However, some departments do interview to further assess the motivation and personal qualities of applicants. Departments who interview include Medicine, Dentistry, Orthoptics, Human Communication Science (for entry to Speech Science) and Social Work.

Other departments may also interview applicants. If so, they will provide a clear explanation of the reasons for, and structure of, the interview.

Deadlines and clearing

When do I have to apply by?

Information on undergraduate deadlines can be found on the Applying essentials page.

My high school results come out after UK students. What should I do?

Please send your results directly to the Admissions Service. Scans will be acceptable but you will need to bring your original certificate to Sheffield to verify your results.

What is Clearing?

Information on Clearing

What is UCAS Extra?

Information on UCAS Extra

Unsuccessful application

My application to Sheffield was unsuccessful. Can I find out why?

Please contact the Admissions Service, quoting your UCAS application number. Admissions will be able to advise you of the reason your application was unsuccessful.

Transferring / changing courses

I have changed my mind and I want to study at the University of Sheffield but I did not apply through UCAS. What should I do?

If you have not used all 5 choices and have not yet accepted any offers you will be able to add additional choices to your application using UCAS Track or by contacting UCAS Customer Services.

If you have used all 5 choices and have either not received any offers or have declined any offers received you will be eligible to enter an application to Sheffield through UCAS Extra, which starts at the end of February until the end of June. Please check with the Admissions office if the course in which you are interested is accepting applications through Extra.

If you are holding no offers or have not met the conditions of your choices you can apply for a place through Clearing. Clearing begins in August and vacancies will be published on our website after the release of A level results in the UK.

Can I change my course after I have registered?

It is possible in exceptional circumstances to change your course once you have started at Sheffield. You should speak with your department directly if you would like to do this.

Can I transfer credits/modules from another university/institution?

This is possible if you have high grades in relevant modules from your current University. Contact the International Office for further information.

I have applied to Sheffield but want to change the course I want to study at Sheffield. Can I do this?

Please contact the Admissions Service by email quoting your UCAS application number and the course you applied for and the course you wish to change to. Your application will then be considered by the relevant academic department and if the department agrees to an amended offer, formal notification will follow from UCAS. If the amended course is not agreed you will be contacted by the Admissions Service and your original application will not be affected.

Can I start in year two or three of a course?

This depends on your individual circumstances and the department you wish to transfer into. We sometimes accept students transferring into the second year of an undergraduate degree, but not in the third.

If you wish to transfer onto an undergraduate course at the University then you should start by contacting the relevant department. You may be asked to send them detailed transcripts of your academic results.


How should I send my supporting documents to you?

You can send your supporting documents to us via post or by e-mail. Please do not send them until you have received your UCAS number and remember to write this number on your postal documents or e-mail. Photocopies are acceptable at this stage of your application but you will have to bring the original documents with you to registration. The postal address is:

Admissions Service
The University of Sheffield
Level 2, Arts Tower
Western Bank
S10 2TN

Or e-mail the documents to: shefapply@sheffield.ac.uk

We will acknowledge that we have received your documents.

Do I need to send you my exam results?

Yes. Please send photocopies of your exam results to us so we can verify your exam results. You must bring all original documents with you to register.

Do I need to bring original documents with me to registration?


English language requirements

What English language qualifications do you accept?

English language qualifications we accept.

Can I study English at Sheffield before I start my course?

Yes. We have an English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC) which offers many different English language courses that you can take.

I took my IELTS 2 or more years ago. Does it still count?

No. You will have to take another IELTS or evidence of another English Language qualification.

Medicine and Dentistry

I have applied to Medicine or Dentistry at Sheffield. What are my chances?

Competition for places for undergraduate medicine and dentistry in the UK is very competitive. The UK government limits the number of places on the medicine programme for international students. Everybody who applies for any medical or dental school in the UK has very good grades and very good references. Therefore you need to write a very good personal statement that will make you stand out from the rest of the applicants. Students are selected for interview on the basis of the UCAS form. If successful you will be asked for interview in Sheffield.

Can I have the interview in my own country?

It maybe possible to have your interview in your country. If you have been offered an interview please contact the Medical or Dental school about this possibility