DaEun (Diane) Lee

BA Business Management

Diane has written an updated mini-profile for us

Prior to studying the BA Business Management at the University of Sheffield, I completed my InternationalDaEun Lee Diploma foundation course at the University of Exeter. I also held an internship at a fair-trade clothing company, in which I led on a project for a fair- trade cosmetics brand.

I chose the University of Sheffield because of the fact that this university provides a lot of support to students to improve the quality of our lives and experiences as a student. In particular, I have found that employment presentations and study-skills sessions offered by the Careers Service have helped me to be well-versed on how to study effectively and prepare for future careers.

I feel very fortunate to be studying business at the University of Sheffield. Lecturers and personal tutors are great in giving me a helping hand with regard to studying and also settling down in Sheffield. They are always willing to answer questions and develop good relationships with students. Most importantly, the Management School has its own Employability Hub which offers a number of sessions and workshops specifically for their students to help with internships, placements and graduate careers. I find that the career advice that they provide on a regular basis, is genuinely helpful to me.
I think the most valuable aspect of the BA Business Management at Sheffield is that my lecturers have practical work experiences of their own. They love to converse with students, and advise students to help us get a real sense of the business world. They also give active feedback on assignments and in class discussions. Sometimes, we have guest lecturers who can broaden our horizons so that we can be more motivated and enthusiastic about our future business careers.

The University of Sheffield has a very high quality of teaching and study methods. There is always someone to help students, who might be struggling, with University staff that make a lot of effort to support students. In my case, I applied for a student mentor, on the same course as me, who willingly helps mentees in academic ways. My mentor taught me a lot, such as study methods for specific modules.

I think that the University of Sheffield provides good quality education which helps its students to expand their knowledge on their major subject. Students are able to gain information on current situations around the globe in many lectures and seminars to broaden their learning.

The best thing about being a student here is that the University of Sheffield has an amazing Students’ Union that provides students with a variety of sessions and activities to join in. Their support can help students build the confidence they need to enter the professional world in the future and to be sociable as well whilst they are here.

When I finish my course I would like to create my own business. The knowledge and skills from my Management School course enable me to have a good grasp of the real business world, which will be helpful for me in future when I set up my own business.

If I was to give my advice to prospective Sheffield students, I would say that Sheffield absolutely offers a wide range of support to you, and runs events that make students feel secure and sociable. I would want to make sure that prospective students are aware of this, so that they do not arrive in Sheffield with any worries, as there will be always a helping hand available to them.

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