HassanHassan Judah

Hasan graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2013 with an MSc in Advanced Mechanical Engineering

Before choosing to attend University of Sheffield, I completed a BA degree in Mechanical Engineering at Mu’tah University in Jordan. I have worked for two years in the field of construction and a year as a quality control engineer.

It was my old dream to complete my studies in UK, and when the opportunity came to make this dream real I searched for what could be the best university for me, I found The University of Sheffield to have more than one desirable criterion, first; its ranking among UK universities was encouraging. Its Mechanical Engineering programme was comprehensive and its non-academic activities for postgraduate students were tempting as promoted by the university website. Moreover, its presence in Sheffield city was another factor, as it is known for being “the greenest city”, calm, hosting a lot of different nationalities and cultures and not to forget being friendly to student budgets as recommended by friends who lived there before.

When I started my course at Sheffield University, I was proud being tutored by experienced and specialised staff in mechanical engineering from different parts of the world. I also enjoyed being surrounded with kind and friendly colleagues and getting to know more about their cultures and sharing good times together. I found the learning environment in the university to be competitive but at the same time seeking to get the best out of each student by encouraging them to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities. The university provides students with great facilities aiding them to fulfil their goals more confidently; one of my favourite facilities is the Information Commons (IC) which is open for 24 hours and equipped with all a student may need.

I believe that studying mechanical engineering is important for this world; the key is to find a solution for each problem in a way that will not harm anybody or anything, cheap but not useless

Studying in the University of Sheffield is a bit different from where I finished my BA. In here it is a mix of exams, assignments group work and individual project; this variation has improved my skills to deal with different circumstances, being under pressure is a good training for real life.

The main benefits of studying in the University of Sheffield is the shorter timescale, it may be means that you will be under a lot of pressure for the 12 months, but it is nice to be able to finish a MSc degree in 12 months.

In my opinion the best thing about life at the University of Sheffield is the feeling that I'm studying and learning with others who are seriously enthusiastic about the subject is really an indescribable. The city of Sheffield is a very fun place to explore, and there are always fun things going on, especially for students. I had never heard of the city of Sheffield before applying, so I have been amazed at how vibrant the city is.
After I’ve finished my course, I would like to continue and finish a PHD in Mechanical Engineering, not anywhere else but here.

The advice I would give to a prospective students coming to Sheffield is to get involved! There are many different groups and societies, whether academic or leisure and that is the way to make friends, it is important to have some fun as well. Take advantage of everything that is offered on campus – from information services, to reduced price events. Almost anything is available.


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