Razan Ismail

Razan graduated from The University of Sheffield in 2011 with an MSc in Management (Health Services Management).Razan

I have a BSc in pharmacology from Tishreen University in Lattakia, Syria. I have worked as a medical representative for a pharmaceutical company, and I worked in a pharmacy for 9 months before coming to Sheffield.

I chose the University of Sheffield as it is one of the top ranked universities in the UK, and it is well known for its international orientation. Not to mention that the Management School here is one of the best, I also received a scholarship for being a Syrian student.

The most enjoyable thing about studying my subject is that management is all about interacting with people, which I enjoy very much. Being in Sheffield has offered me the opportunity to interact with different people from different countries and with different personalities, which is very helpful and useful for me in my course.

The most valuable aspect of my course is that it is not just about management, it's about health services as well, and that includes managing public health services, which is very different from managing other profit aiming organizations, because for us, the patients best interest is the priority.

Also, the teaching at the University of Sheffield is very interactive and personal to some extent, when it comes to tutorials, and I think they do care about each student individually, and how well he/she is receiving information.

The teaching and study methods at the University of Sheffield are very different from what I am used to, but it certainly enriches research mentality, which we didn't have.

The benefits of an education from the University of Sheffield are that generally, a degree from a very well respected university in the UK will be very well received and will open new work opportunities for me everywhere I go. Personally, it certainly will broaden my horizon and will give me the chance to enrich research mentality which I can use when I get back to my country.

The best thing about Sheffield is that it is a not- too- big- not- too- small kind of city, but it has the whole world in it, because the University is internationally known, and that's the best thing about living here. I already feel like I have friends from all over the world.

By the time I have finished my course I hope I have learned enough about health policy and the health services management that I can modify it to fit my country and apply it there, to benefit from the British health policy.

My advice to prospective students coming to Sheffield: don't change your minds, Sheffield is the best place to be!

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