Taylor Fleischner

BA Journalism

After graduating from my local high school in New York, I decided I wanted to broaden my horizons and studyApicture of Taylor overseas. For a number of years now I have been a keen photographer and aspired to become a journalist.

After looking at four schools in and around London I came to an open day at the University of Sheffield and decided that this was where I wanted to be. Besides the reputation that the university has for its journalism course, the university in general has so much to offer. I love that it is in a big city, yet is so accessible to the country and that it is clearly very dedicated to making sure students enjoy their time at university.

The most enjoyable thing about studying journalism in Sheffield is all of the exciting projects we get to do. We get to experience life as a real journalist by having to go out and interview people, film stories to be broadcast, go to court cases and find our own stories.

What is so valuable about studying journalism here is that it is a very ‘hands on’ course. Instead of just learning the theory of journalism and what journalists are meant to do - we actually get to do it!
Having this kind of experience is vital to becoming a working journalist because you need to have examples of your work to show rather than just coming out of university with a degree, and studying here makes sure that you will have that. It is also great that the course teaches print, broadcast and web journalism so that you leave a well-rounded journalist.

The teaching methods at the university are really great because even though it is such a huge university you get individual attention when you need it. Everyone is always really nice and willing to help and it is clear that the teachers really want you to succeed. There are also numerous libraries and places to actually study and do work that there are always places to go if you can’t work at home.

The University of Sheffield is such a well-known university that having a degree from here is already just a huge benefit. Besides just looking good on the CV, attending a prestigious university, I know that I will come out confident that I have actually learned and developed the skills that will help me get a job.

The best thing about my life at the University of Sheffield is that I’m never bored. Besides getting an amazing degree the university offers so many societies and activities for students to do every day of the week. You can always try something new and become involved in a society and meet new people that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

After I finish my course I hope to stay in England permanently and find a job as a journalist. I’m mostly interested in travel journalism and photojournalism so I hope that I am able to ideally find something that involves both of these things. I love England after studying here, so I hope I can find a job and stay in the country.

If you are thinking of studying here do not be worried or scared about it. I came not knowing a single person in the whole country and having never been away from my family before and I could not be happier that I made that decision. It’s so easy to make friends and you always have the opportunity to meet new people and Sheffield is such a great place to be. It’s only a few years and you gain so much more than just a great education here. You won’t regret it!