Eun Hye Kim

Department of Landscape Architecture

PhD Student

Eun Hye Kim
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Eun Hye Kim
Department of Landscape Architecture
Arts Tower
Western Bank
S10 2TN

My main research interest is around predictive modeling using big data from scale as micro as plant functional traits to the broader scale of global climate change. Applications of remote sensing, machine learning, and Bayesian statistics are used to study ecosystem functions in urban environment.  

Having led unique tech industry experiences in relating various different industries into development of convergence models, I am particularly keen in the interdisciplinary research development and open for collaborations with researchers in wider areas. And, this is why I was attracted to the domain of landscape architecture at its core.  While it is firmly grounded on our everyday earth, its potential of versatility is maximized through connecting with various different domains in academia from history to bioscience.


2018-2019 MA, Landscape Architecture, University of Sheffield

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Designed Ecology


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LSC6026 Special Project - Research and Development Study