Exploring and presenting data

Topic Type Description
Descriptive data Booklet Explains what is meant by the term descriptive statistics, describes how to calculate basic summary measures and how to draw a variety of different graphs
Exploring data Booklet Explains what an exploratory data analysis, how to undertake one and how to construct stem and leaf diagrams and box and whisker plots
Graphics cheatsheet Booklet (coming soon) Crib sheet on good practice when graphing data, produced by the Statistics Unit of Novartis
Displaying quantitative data with graphs Online tutorial Khan Academy tutorial on how to display data using graphs. Includes video explanations, text-based summaries and practice exercises
Describing and comparing distributions Online tutorial Khan Academy tutorial on using graphs to describe data distributions add comparing distributions. Includes video explanatins, text-based summaries and practice exercises
Box and whisker plots Online tutorial Khan Academy tutorial demonstrating how to construct a box and whisker plot and how to interpret one. Includes video explanations, text-based summary and practice exercises
Line graphs Video Khan Academy videos on how to read a line graph and misleading line graphs
Summarising quantitative data Video This is a series of videos created by the University of Leeds Academic Skills Centre and covers the basics of data summary. Sections 8 & 9 cover barcharts and pie charts
Presenting numerical data Webpage University of Leicester webpage containing lots of handy tips on how to present numerical data well. There are also links on this page to information about barcharts, pie charts and histograms

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