Dr Michele Curioni

External partner

Reader in Corrosion Protection


I graduated in 2003 from Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and subsequently I obtained a M.Sc. in Materials Science and Engineering from the same university. Iwas awarded a PhD from the University of Manchester with the Thesis "Graded Anodic Film Morphologies for Corrosion Protection of Aerospace Aluminium Alloys" in 2009. Afterwards, I continued my research on corrosion and protection of metals as a Research Associate, Research Fellow (2011), Lecturer (2014) and Senior Lecturer (2016) in Corrosion Protection.

My research focuses on two main aspects related to materials durability, i.e. surface engineering and corrosion testing. I have extensive experience in the surface treatment of light alloys, including anodizing, conversion coatings and paints. I also research on the use and development of new electrochemical methods, to better understand the fundamentals of corrosion processes in relation to microstructure and to evaluate the long-term protective performance of new surface treatments or the corrosion susceptibility of new alloys.

I have authored over 100 scientific papers on the topics of corrosion protection and corrosion testing.