Parking Charge Notice

The University car parks are patrolled regularly by our Campus Wardens to ensure proper parking and use by legitimate users. The aim is not to catch people out but rather to protect the interests of the University and colleagues who have correctly followed the parking procedures.

Vehicles that cannot be identified by means of a University permit or a registration number on our database or fail to park in line with the terms and conditions will be issued with a Parking Charge Notice of £100, this reduced to £60 if paid with 14 days.

University Permit holders may be contacted or be issued with a warning notice under certain circumstances, but please do not assume this to be the case. Should you receive a warning do not ignore the warning, if you are unsure why a warning has been issued please email

Permit holders that ignore Parking Charge Notices or repeatedly attract them may have their permit withdrawn.

How to avoid a PCN?

• Ensure your permit is always clearly on display and valid for the car park it is in.
• Inform EFM Helpdesk of any changes to vehicles (including courtesy cars)
• Make suitable arrangements for contractors and visitors
• Park in clearly marked bays, don’t park on yellow line, hatched areas or to cause an obstruction to other users.
• If you have a scratch card permit, make sure you display a scratch card clearly, with all details on view.
• Don’t park in areas coned off by Parking Services

What to do if you get a PCN?

Parking Charge Notices are the responsibility of Open Parking, an external company who deal with all administration of the PCN and debt collection for PCN’s issued at the University of Sheffield. All contact should be with Open Parking, anyone receiving a PCN must pay, or make contact with Open Parking within 28 days in order to avoid escalation of the notice. DO NOT IGNORE THE PCN. Open Parking are members of the IPC and as such are able to obtain keeper details from the DVLA. Ignoring the notice would result in the case escalating as per IPC guidelines and the PCN will be passed to a Debt Collector. This will see the debt increase in value and may result in Court Action against the keeper of the Vehicle/person liable.

Make A payment

PCN’s are £100, this reduces to £60 if paid within 14 days. To make a payment follow the instructions on the notice. If you wish to appeal do not make a payment and follow the instructions below.

Appeals against Parking Charge Notices
If it is the intention to contest it, an appeal should be made in writing to Open Parking following the instructions on the notice or online
Grounds for challenging a PCN are that it has been issued incorrectly, however if you believe there are exceptional circumstances please appeal to Open Parking. Open Parking and the University have an agreed process to review.
If you wish to appeal, DO NOT CONTACT EFM, only by contacting Open Parking can a PCN be put on hold whilst an appeal is considered.

Open Parking can be contacted in a number of ways:

Online: You can pay or appeal the CPN and view the information about the notice online at
Post: You can pay or appeal by post to Open Parking' to: PO Box 1049, Northampton NN4 4DZ
Telephone Payment: 0330 088 9564
Telephone Enquiries: 01604 625 655