Languages for All

Languages for All is the university-wide scheme for 'non-specialist' linguists wishing to develop foreign language skills within, or in addition to, their main degree programme. This could be learning a new language from scratch, or else continuing to build on a language started at school or college. All students have the option to study the language in addition to the 120 or 180 credits that form his/her degree programme each year (a fee may apply); and some students can study a language within his/her 120/180 credits.

For further information on how to get involved with Languages for All and details on Fee waiver eligibility please refer to the Languages Gateway

After you have looked at the Languages Gateway please follow this link to find out more information on how to register for a Language module with the Modern Languages Teaching centre:

Please note; If you wish to study a Language offered by the School of East Asian Studies, School of Languages and Cultures or the English Language Teaching Centre you will need to contact them directly to register