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Our Primary School offer is always developing and from here you will be able to access resources for the classroom, videos and information from across the University of Sheffield.

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Sheffield Volunteering classroom activities

Card matching game - Primary KS2

A fun interactive game to help children identify similarities and differences between university and school.

Activity plan (PDF 289KB)

Card and picture pack (PDF 2.8MB)

University cartoons - Secondary KS3-5

An interactive activity that explores the concepts of university and what life is like as a university students.

Activity plan (PDF 317KB)

Cartoon pack (PDF 1.1MB)

Dream Bigger Dreams activities

What is the University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield belongs to you. It exists today because the people of Sheffield made it happen.

In 1904, the working people of the city, your great-grandparents and their parents, donated a penny to the cause and raised £50,000 - about £17million in today's money.

They wanted Sheffield to have a university because they wanted you to dream bigger dreams and make those dreams real.

Ideas for teachers (PDF 231KB)

Inspirational people

You may find it useful to talk to your pupils about inspirational people and how they can be role models.

Outstanding Sheffield alumni

Notable honorary graduates

Local heroes activity (PDF 577KB)

More ideas for teachers (PDF 224KB)

What is your dream?

You can talk to your pupils about their own aspirations for their future.

World leading research at the University of Sheffield

Dream poem activity (PDF 338KB)

Classroom posters (PDF 2.4MB)

Careers activity (PDF 3.0 MB)

More ideas for teachers (PDF 230KB)

What is it like to be a student?

Here are some activities and ideas on how to get your students exploring university life.

University matching game (PDF 2.6MB)

More ideas for teachers (PDF 214KB)

What is graduation?

The graduation ceremony is what all students look forward to - it is the chance to celebrate all their hard work with family and friends.

More ideas for teachers (PDF 231KB)

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International Merit Scholarships

We offer a generous package of financial support for international students including 75 undergraduate scholarships worth £10,000 towards the annual tuition fee and 125 postgraduate taught scholarships worth £5,000 towards the tuition fee. Applications are now open for existing offer holders.