Sheffield's Outreach and Access to Medicine Scheme (SOAMS)

The University of Sheffield's Outreach and Access to Medicine Scheme makes a career in medicine a possibility for students from all backgrounds.


A number of years ago the University was awarded additional places on the MBChB degree for students who have the ability to become good doctors, but would not normally consider Higher Education as an option open to them. These places are reserved for students who successfully complete the SOAMS Scheme.

Guiding you to a career in medicine

SOAMS is for local year 12 – 13 students with an interest in medicine or science. The scheme provides support and guidance through a range of activities which aim to raise awareness, aspirations, and levels of achievement.

How SOAMS works: Structure

Guaranteed interview

Students who complete the scheme are guaranteed an interview for an offer of a place to study Medicine at the University of Sheffield. To benefit from this guaranteed interview, students must have completed all the SOAMS activities and must meet minimum academic criteria upon application. 

If students pass their interview they will be made a conditional offer to study Medicine at Sheffield, providing they achieve the A Level results required by the Medical School. SOAMS students who register at the University of Sheffield School of Medicine may be eligible for a means-tested University bursary.

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SOAMS students practising key clinical skills