Our research-led programmes will inspire, enthuse and challenge a diverse community of outstanding students. Our graduates will be equipped to stand out as confident global citizens guided by strong values, ethics and standards, able to make meaningful contributions to society.

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Priority one: Portfolio

We are shaping a balanced, research-informed portfolio of programmes, which serves the needs of students and develops graduates with the knowledge and skills for successful careers.

Programme Level Approach is guiding how we deliver this – with a relevant, attractive and engaging portfolio of programmes at the heart of our offer. We are carrying out a detailed Portfolio Review across academic departments, looking at what prospective students want, and in turn how we can build quality programmes in each area.

We continually listen to the student voice to shape our portfolio, continually improving our mechanisms for listening and integrating feedback from multiple sources. We’re also engaging the student voice in our programme design and development is key to ensuring we provide quality assessment and feedback which prepares students for their next steps.

This detailed work will give us clarity when speaking to prospective students about studying at Sheffield, assuring them of its quality and capacity to equip them for a bright future.

Priority two: Employability

We are delivering a sector-leading vision for employability, which captures the value of learning and development experiences in and beyond the curriculum.

We are equipping our students with the skills to kick-start their career. We are enhancing our placement offer and our aim is that placement years will become part of all our undergraduate programmes.

We have a powerful, global network of over 300,000 graduates and are bringing this community together for the first time with our new online mentoring platform, Sheffield Connect. The new platform provides students and alumni with opportunities to develop their professional and personal networks.

What our alumni go onto is a key area of focus, and the results of the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) Graduate Outcomes survey, which is sent fifteen months after graduation, gives us an indication of this.

mySkills, a unique portfolio tool which helps our students reflect on the attributes they are gaining, is seeing consistently growing engagement from our cohorts thanks to some improvements and increased integration into programmes and co-curricular activities.

We’ve introduced a standard model for study abroad to enable more undergraduate students to benefit from the experience of spending time abroad as part of their degree; this includes an improved package of student support which will be enhanced by the introduction of a new digital platform to manage the student study abroad journey

Top in the Russell Group for student experience

The latest National Student Survey (NSS) placed us top in the Russell Group for student experience. The survey provides us with valuable and extensive feedback from finalyear undergraduate students. We will use the survey responses to further develop the student experience we offer here at Sheffield.

Our vision

We are the University of Sheffield. And this is our vision.