Qualified systems engineers make a genuine difference in the world. They build robots and design manufacturing processes. They can even help to predict climate change, financial trends or reserves of raw materials.

Excellent career prospects

Your career prospects as a systems engineering graduate are excellent. Did you know that there are not enough graduates to fill all the jobs available in this area?

Many employers prefer graduates who are trained in systems engineering over a more specific discipline such as electronic engineering or computer hardware/software.

What our graduates do

Our graduates work in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, power generation, and sustainable energy.

They work for companies such as Rolls-Royce, Jaguar Land Rover and Thales. Our undergraduates can expect an above-average starting salary of £27,900 (DLHE 2017). 

Industry focus

We have links with major organisations such as Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems and the European Space Agency. This means our courses are relevant and our graduates develop the skills employers look for.

Our courses cover all the engineering disciplines needed by systems engineers: electrical, electronic, mechanical, computer hardware/software, and control components.

We keep you up to date

We regularly introduce new modules in response to current developments in research, and demands in the careers market.

A world top-100 university

We're a world top-100 university renowned for the excellence, impact and distinctiveness of our research-led learning and teaching.