Our Members

The University of Sheffield has a distinguished team of academics and officers working with AREC. Please see below for more information about our individual team members.




Further information

Professor Lenny Koh Director of AREC Click here
Professor Panos Ketikidis Co-Director of AREC, Europe Click here



Further information

Dr Erica Ballantyne Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management Click here
Dr Andrew Brint Lecturer in Operations Management Click here
Richard Bruce Business Engagement Lead for the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures and Lecturer in Supply Chain Accounting & Finance Click here
Dr Chantal C Cantarelli Lecturer in Operations Management Click here
Dr Sonal Choudhary Lecturer in Sustainable Management Click here
Professor Federica Cucchiella University of L’Aquila
Dr Andrea Genovese Senior Lecturer in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Click here
Dr John Kawalek Specialist in Management Systems & Consultancy Click here
Professor Jonathan Linton Operations Management and Decision Sciences
Dr Stuart Maguire Lecturer in Information Systems Management Click here
Dr Robert Marchand Lecturer in Operations Management Click here
Professor David Oglethorpe Dean, Sheffield University Management School Click here
Professor Ian Reaney Professor in Ceramics Click here
Dr Antonino Sgalambro Lecturer in Operations Research Click here
Professor Ian Shellard Rolls-Royce appointed Honorary Visiting Professor Click here
Professor Andrew Simpson Associate Dean External Business Advancement, Sheffield University Management School Click here
Dr Mike Simpson Senior Lecturer in Business Management Click here
Professor Elaine Toms Chair in Information Innovation and Management Click here

Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Leads

Professor Mark Rainforth Head of Department & Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Director of Mercury Centre Click here
Professor Neil Hopkins Professor of Manufacturing Engineering Click here
Professor Derek Sinclair Professor in Materials Chemsitry Click here
Dr Sam Turner Chief Technology Officer, Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre Click here

Energy & Nuclear Leads

Professor Peter Styring Director of UK CDU, Chemical and Biological Engineering Click here
Professor Neil Hyatt Professor of Nuclear Materials Chemistry Click here
Professor Mike Tynan Chief Executive of Nuclear AMRC Click here

Water Lead

Professor Simon Tait Professor of Water Engineering Click here

Agritech & Food Leads

Professor Jurriaan Ton Professor & ERC research fellow - Department of Animal & Plant Sciences Click here
Professor Peter Jackson Chair of the Food Standards Agency's (FSA) Social Science Research Committe Click here
Professor Duncan Cameron Professor of Plant and Soil Biology, Royal Society University Research Fellow (2015-to date) Click here

Post Doctoral Research Assistants and Researchers

Faisal H Abubakar EPSRC e-futures DTC Doctoral Researcher
Deepak Arunachalam AREC Doctoral Researcher
Dolores Astudillo EPSRC Energy Storage Doctoral Researcher
Andreas Bofinger SEERC Doctoral Researcher
Dr Francesco Ciardiello Research Associate
Dr Seyed Ebrahimi EPSRC JLR Simulife Research Associate
Mengfend Gong Supply Chain Doctoral Researcher
Dr Liam Goucher N8 KE Fellow
Besart Hajrizi SEERC Doctoral Researcher
Dr Taofeeq Ibn-Mohammed Research Associate - ESPRC - Management School
Benjamin Lowe Doctoral Researcher
Stella Manoli Mechanical Engineering Doctoral Researcher
Mauro Cruz Mercado Food Doctoral Researcher
Dr Jamal Miah EPSRC R2REE Research Associate
Kamal Miah EPSRC Materials DTC Doctoral Researcher
Ashish Momaya Doctoral Researcher
Dr Jonathan Morris Research Associate
Dr Raymond Obayi AREC Researcher
Eunice Oppon Leverhulme Trust LC3M and Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures Scholar
Dr. Olga Siemers Research Fellow, EU H2020 GOF4R
Dr. Victor Shi AMRC Postdoctoral Researcher
Lucy Smith Materials Doctoral Researcher
Karthik Suresh Research Assistant - Management School
Hui Sun (Avril) ESRC WR CDT Doctoral Researcher
Andrew Timmis Post Doctoral Research Assistant
Dr. Abiye Tob-Ogu Postdoctoral Research Associate

Business Development and Partnership

Dr Mel Knight Interdisciplinary Research Development Manager - Research and Innovation Services Click here
Dr Neil Lowrie Business Development Manager
Dr Richard France Senior Business Development Manager
Charles Wilby Business Development Manager
Chris Baker Partnership Manager
Lee Allman Research Study Manager (AMRC/Engineering)
Dr. Adrian Solomon AREC Project Manager
Michaela Bruckmayer AREC Support Officer