Transcript of qualifications

If you require evidence of your modules studied and grades attained you can request a transcript of qualifications.


If you’re a current student please visit the page below. 

Current students: Request your transcript of qualifications

Who can request a transcript

Transcripts are available for all former undergraduate, postgraduate taught and MBChB students.

Transcripts are not available for former postgraduate research students. Please see our information for PGR students.

How to request your transcript

Online via ShARe

You can access your digital transcript for free online via the ShARe system if you're: 

  • a former undergraduate student who started their course in September 2012 or after
  • a former postgraduate student who graduated in January 2016 or after

Digital transcripts serve the same purpose as printed transcripts and are accepted by many global organisations.

If you can't remember your login details, please email SSiD

Access transcript via ShARe

If you don't have access to ShARe

If you're a former student and don't have access to ShARe you must order your transcript online. You can request a digital transcript at a cost

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we can only provide official academic transcripts digitally.

Digital transcripts are issued in PDF format and include a digital stamp and signature from the University Secretary. They're official in this format. 

Request digital transcript online

MBChB students

Due to COVID-19, the Medical School can only produce digital transcripts.

You can order your digital transcript via the link below for a small fee.

We'll forward your request to the Medical School for completion. They aim to process your request within 10-15 working days.

Request MBChB transcript

If you studied before 2000

We cannot currently produce your transcript as we don't have access to our archive records due to COVID-19.

Instead, we may be able to produce a Confirming Letter if you need proof of the following:

  • your attendance and course of study 
  • that you cannot obtain a transcript due to your study dates

For confirmation about whether you can obtain an academic transcript based on your study dates, or alternative documentation available, please contact us on:

Postgraduate research students

Transcripts are not produced for PGR students. 

If you need proof of your attendance and course of study we can give you a Confirming Letter.

If you need proof of your Doctoral Development Programme (previously RTP), please contact Research and Innovation Services for a Statement of Academic Progress:

For more detailed information about your research, please contact your academic department.

Diploma Supplement

If you graduated after the summer of 2005 and require a Diploma Supplement with your transcript, you can request this online via the link below.

Please state under the 'additional requirements' section that you require a Diploma Supplement.

Request Diploma SupplementA Diploma Supplement can be attached to your official transcript to improve the international recognition of your academic qualifications, by:

  • describing your qualification in an understandable way
  • describing the content and structure of the higher education system within which your qualification was issued

If you're are an Erasmus or Study Abroad student, you must apply for a Diploma Supplement from your home University.

For more information please visit:


Digital transcript

  • Recent leavers (up to 12 months after Graduation) = £3
  • Graduates/leavers since 1 Jan 2000 = £5

Or it's free if you can access your transcript via ShARe.

Processing times

  • Online orders can take between 10 - 15 working days to produce.

We'll notify you by email once your document has been dispatched.

Explaining what's on your transcript 

For an explanation of the grades, module/unit outcomes and terminology on your transcript, please visit:

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